Supertech Capetown: Persistent water crisis plagues routine lives
Supertech Capetown: Persistent water crisis plagues routine lives
Ramesh Kumar
Supertech Capetown: Persistent water crisis plagues routine lives
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Supertech Capetown: Persistent water crisis plagues routine lives

Noida: Residents of Supertech Capetown, a highrise in Sector 74, are going through a huge inconvenience due to the truncated water supply. It has started to affect their routine lives.

They complained that residents of around 13 residential towers were not supplied water on Saturday. They informed that though it was partly restored late evening, their water taps ran dry again in the morning.

Ajay Pandey, a resident of the society said that from the last 10 days, the residents have been facing a very severe water crisis. Water supply to multiple towers was stopped without any information to the residents. Dirty water is being supplied to residents. No clear answer was given by the facility team to the residents regarding discontinuation of supply of water and supply of dirty water.

According to another resident, it is pertinent to note that Supertech has taken only 535 water connections in lieu of 4,419 flats. The AOA followed up the matter with the Noida Authority and got issued water challan for rest 3,884 water connections. But Supertech has not deposited the amount to take water connections even after more than 10 months of issue of water challan.

Pandey said that during this coronavirus pandemic when most of the people are working from home, Covid patients in the society are home quarantined, kids and students are attending their schools online from their home, crisis of water supply for 25,000 residents has been created by the inefficient facility team of Capetown.

When asked about restoration of normal water supply, the facility team said that it will take one month. 

He said that this is no less than a cruelty being inflicted by the Supertech upon residents of Capetown society.

He continued, The AOA is doing its best to immediately restore supply of potable water to all the residents of Capetown society. But the problem is big as only one pump out of the total four is functional. The remaining pumps are out of the order and efforts are being taken to mend them shortly.

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