Parwana Apartments, MV I: In the stink of health

Photo: Goastreets.com
Posted: Aug 03, 2016

A garbage dump in front of Parwana Apartments in Mayur Vihar I has been stinking up the place for the past two weeks. The trash lies just 20 m away from the society's gates. Several complaints have been made to area counsellor Sandhya Verma, but nothing has been done yet.

"Residents are exasperated," said Anil Jaiswal, a resident and member of the society managing committee. "The dump lies near the only gate our society has. It is unavoidable."

"The situation is extremely unhygienic," said Anil Mehra, president of the Parwana Co-Operative Group Housing Society. "Every time we take the matter to the area councillor, she says the EDMC faces an acute shortage of garbage lifters and vehicles."

City Spidey tried to approach Verma, but she is yet to respond.

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