Amrapali Zodiac: House of cards?
Amrapali Zodiac: House of cards?
Ramesh Kumar
Amrapali Zodiac: House of cards? Photo shows the floor where the wall collapsed in Amrapali Zodiac, Sector 120, on Saturday.
Photo: Samrat Roy

Amrapali Zodiac: House of cards?

Residents of Amrapali Zodiac, a residential society in Sector 120, Noida, had a close shave on Saturday morning after two walls on the top floor of Tower-E collapsed.

After some residents heard noises made by the falling railings , they immediately contacted the maintenance office of the society. They also alleged that the maintenance supervisor was not in his office when the incident took place.

According to Rakesh Kumar, who resides on the ground floor of Tower-E of the society, as he heard the noise of the collapse, he rushed out and saw bricks and pieces of concrete lying outside his flat.

Himanshu Verma, another resident, said, “I had a close shave as I left my balcony only a few minutes before the incident. Some bricks and concrete fell in my balcony too.”

Residents who later went to the 17th floor of the apartment, from where walls had collapsed, said that two more walls were in dilapidated state and they could also soon crumble.

Residents occupy first 15 floors of the apartments. They claimed that after construction of 15 floors, the builder obtained permission to increase the floor area ratio (FAR) and constructed two more floors.  

Some residents registered a complaint at the Parthala Khanjarpur police post. They also demanded a police enquiry into the quality of construction material used for erecting the high-rise towers. City Spidey tried to contact the builder’s spokesperson but he was not available for comment.


Photo shows the 17th floor of Tower-E at Amrapali Zodiac, Sector 120, Noida.