Why cyclists don’t use Noida’s cycle tracks
Why cyclists don’t use Noida’s cycle tracks
Avishek Dubey
Why cyclists don’t use Noida’s cycle tracks Photo shows the cycle track in Sector 62, Noida.
Photo: Samrat Roy
Why cyclists don’t use Noida’s cycle tracks

Although the construction of a cycle track across Noida is a much-needed attempt at curbing pollution, members of Noida Cycling Club (NCC) prefer the Expressway or other roads.

The reason — 20 km of the newly built cycle track has been encroached upon by paan shops, tea stalls and other small-time vendors. These not only instal their kiosks on the tracks but also park their vehicles on them. The result is that cyclists are compelled to take a different route.

Cyclists complain that though newly built, the tracks have developed cracks in them and, in some areas, have become unusable. Cyclists say Noida Authority is not doing enough for its upkeep.

There are 80 members in NCC who cycle six days a week. Reena Bajaj, a member and a resident of Sector 39, said, “Cars are parked on the track and vendors are running their shops on them. Where is a cyclist supposed to go? Trees have also grown on the track, due to which cycling becomes difficult."

Rajkumar Singh, a daily bicycle rider, said, “I regularly go to office on a bicycle and the difficulties I face on the roads are enough to drive me crazy — people drive their vehicles so rashly! The Authority should see to it that the cycle tracks are well maintained.”

Saumya Srivastav, DCEO of Noida Authority, told City Spidey that the Authority removes vendors and shops from the cycle track every day. "Noida Authority will take help from the traffic police to remove cars and vendors from the track across the city," he said. "People need to be aware of the purpose of the cycle track, and we will start an awareness programme about it soon," he added.

The UP government spent approximately Rs 52 crore to build the cycle track in Noida. The government and Noida Authority aim to complete the 50-km stretch in Noida by March 2017.

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