RESIDENT SPEAK: Restoring cycle track becomes need of hour
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RESIDENT SPEAK: Restoring cycle track becomes need of hour

Request put in public domain through online petition, signed by many

RESIDENT SPEAK: Restoring cycle track becomes need of hour

Dwarka: A service lane, popularly known as the 'Walkers' Lane', running along the boundary wall of societies at plot number 1 to 7 and Gokul Garden park is used by over 1,000 walkers including the elderly, women, young boys and girls on a daily basis.

They can be seen doing yoga, playing, walking and watering the plants which they have planted over a period of time. These walkers are not only from the nearby societies like Shri Niketan, Young Aheria, Rashi, Harsukh, Kamal Vihar, Satisar and Brahma but also from DDA flats in sectors 7 and 1, Mahavir Enclave and Palam.

This, as we understand, was a cycle track but now it is being used by motor mechanics for their trials and also anti-social elements, thereby leading to more chances of accidents and chain/mobile snatching incidents etc.

We request the DDA/authorities to restore it as a cycle track by taking remedial steps not only from a law and order point of view but also from an environmental point of view.

The above request was put at public domain through an online petition which was signed by many.

“Authorities must act to remove encroachment and allow a noise free environment. A cycling track needs to be developed for the entire area of Dwarka. This area can be developed initially as a model track,” says Shikhar Ranjan.

BS Jakhar says, “Physical development of children, especially now that they are under tremendous pressure of studies and obsessed with mobile apps, will be ensured.”

“Many people, including senior citizens walk on this track in the morning. Encroachments on the lane are creating obstruction and polluting our environment as well,” writes SP Shokhanda.

“This is the only open area to walk for the residents of the nearby societies,” says Siresh Kumar.

“I am signing this petition because this is what we and residents of the surrounding societies need in order to facilitate the use of this lane on a daily basis. Authorities' attention is required,” says VK Bhatnagar.

While we, the residents of these societies offer full support in this endeavour, we look forward to DDA to help us in achieving this dream.

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