Valentine's Specials: You don't need eyes to fall in love!


Valentine's Specials: You don't need eyes to fall in love!

This special couple does not believe in perfect love, says it's care which binds two people

Valentine's Specials: You don't need eyes to fall in love!

New Delhi: Love is beautiful, love is happiness and love is also blind. For Prashant Verma and Veena Mehta, this stands true more than anyone else. Verma is 90 per cent visually specially-abled and Mehta is 100 per cent visually impaired. “Disability is not a curse, but an episode of life which will pass if you have courage, willpower, and a right platform,” says Verma.

Verma had a perfect vision till Class 12. However, he lost 90 per cent of vision due to flu in his eyes at the age of 19. After six years of continuous pain and suffering, he was cared for in the National Association For The Blind Delhi, where he also met his wife Veena Mehta.

Verma recalls his first meeting with Mehta with a smile. For him, it was really surprising to see Mehta's positivity and confidence. “I always saw her smiling and taking a stand for what is right," he says. He talked about how Mehta, as a student, had fought for provisions for blind students in her college, as there were none. She had filed petitions and finished her MBA program with great laurels.

“All these positive things about Veena made me fall in love with her. It wasn't love at first sight though," Verma laughs, "We wanted to settle down first and then decide about getting married."

In 2005, the couple decided to get married and settled in South Delhi's Sarita Vihar. When we asked what love means for them, they laughed and said love is not perfection, it is a feeling, it is care which bonds two people.

Mehta is a working professional. And she loves to cook as well. We were treated with gaajar ka halwa, which she had cooked.

True love, it's said, is difficult to find. And in times like today, such love may not even exist. Mehta and Verma, on the contrary, are setting relationship goals and how!