Comparative analysis | Here's how much you can save by switching to EV
Comparative analysis | Here's how much you can save by switching to EV
Nikita Sharma
Comparative analysis | Here's how much you can save by switching to EV

Comparative analysis | Here's how much you can save by switching to EV

New Delhi: Electric vehicles have been in huge reckoning these days. It is seen as an effective alternative to vehicles operating on fuels. They are anticipated as a better option not only due to the growing concern of pollution in present times but because of being much more economical as compared to petrol cars.

The Delhi government has been proactive in promoting electric vehicles in the national capital. They have introduced an Electric Vehicle policy. Delhi is one city which has been plagued by the menacing air pollution for long. The government is leaving no stone unturned in finding ways to counter the pollution woes.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently launched a 'Switch Delhi' campaign where the government is creating awareness about electric vehicles and how it can contribute to making Delhi clean and pollution-free.

Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot had also emphasised the monetary benefits of opting an electric vehicle in a series of tweets. He claimed that just by switching to electric two-wheelers from petrol scooters, the users can save Rs 22,000 annually.

“Kickstarting Switch Delhi campaign's first week with the two-wheeler segment. By switching to electric two-wheelers, you can make an annual saving of Rs 22,000 as compared to using a petrol scooter and Rs 20,000 as compared to a petrol bike. #SwitchDelhi (sic),” he wrote on Twitter.

Amid all this, switching to electric vehicles seem to be a wise move. There are not only environmental benefits but it can also significantly reduce the burden on the pockets of people. Electric vehicles, unlike conventional petrol/diesel vehicles, run on a battery that is charged through an electric supply.

CitySpidey has woked out a case to show how an electric vehicle can help you in reducing your expenses. Here are some basic calculations that demonstrate how much you can save by switching from a petrol car to an electric car:

The calculations for both the cars (electric and petrol) have been done with an assumption that they travel 30 kilometres a day for 24 days a month (six days a week).

Petrol Cars:

Electric Cars:

The above calculations clearly indicate that electric cars are 6.47 times more economical than petrol cars. Apart from financial reasons, there are other benefits of switching to electric cars as well. Here are some of them:

  • They are environment friendly as they don't emit any toxic gases or smoke
  • They require less maintenance as compared to petrol/diesel vehicles
  • They help in reducing noise pollution because of being quieter than petrol/diesel vehicles
  • EVs are a step towards making a considerable amount of change in the environmental quality and also are low on the pocket in the longer run
Harshit  Maggo
Harshit Maggo
13 Days Ago
What an informative article, going to buy an EV vechile next.

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