Rise Foundation pins hope on ecobricks to address plastic waste menace
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Rise Foundation pins hope on ecobricks to address plastic waste menace

They aim to create a green, clean, peaceful and self-sustainable world by helping each other.

Rise Foundation pins hope on ecobricks to address plastic waste menace

New Delhi: Founder of Rise Foundation, an NGO in Delhi, Madhukar Vashney and his team are committed to make waste-free land. Through their initiative #mywastemyresponsibility, they aim to create a green, clean, peaceful, and self-sustainable world by helping each other.

Under this, they are involved in making ecobricks, which are an alternative to normal bricks and they can be used for construction purposes. Ecobricks are a sustainable way to reuse non-biodegradable plastic waste as plastic waste is regarded as a long-lasting and durable material. It helps in keeping the plastic out of the ecosystem and prevents the contamination of the environment.

Ecobricks can be used to make many things such as furniture, walls, and buildings. It allows communities and companies to get control of their plastic waste to create modular furniture, garden spaces, walls, and even full-scale buildings.

As per a report of Global Ecobrick Alliance, which is an Earth enterprise accelerating local and global plastic transition and sequestration globally, we can use the ecobricks to build green community projects which will make our communities even more resilient.  It can help relieve the pressure on centralized waste management systems.

CitySpidey spoke to Madhukar Varshney, he enlightened us with some information. “Ecobricks are used all over the world. There is an overwhelming amount of non-recyclable trash and plastic bottles polluting our environments. Ecobricks are building resources that are affordable and better for the environment. They provide attainable infrastructure for the communities that need it most. These bricks are an effective short-term solution to the abundant non-recyclables littering the planet. They are an avenue of development for communities around the world. Ecobricks are a sustainable solution that provides resources by turning waste into infrastructure,” he said.

It has been tough to deal with waste as they are carelessly thrown on the land. The cities, mountains, rivers, and oceans are drowning in plastic. According to a survey conducted by Rise Foundation, about one million seabirds and 1,00,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans. Plastic pollution kills millions of animals every year. But it's not too late to take action for them.

Amid the current scenario, ecobricks could be a long-term solution to the problems that we are facing today. Rise Foundation is committed to do their bit in addressing the plastic waste problem. When we asked the Rise Foundation about how they earn? They said they run on donations, engage communities to be aware of the waste problem and guide them for practical solutions. Varshney also added that these bricks are made from waste material, which is available freely.