Road Safety Month: Tips to be safe while commuting
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Road Safety Month: Tips to be safe while commuting

This year, “National Road Safety Month” was observed from January 18 to February 17.

Road Safety Month: Tips to be safe while commuting

New Delhi: According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, every year more than 1.50 lakh people lose their lives in the country due to road accidents. This causes a huge economic hardship and emotional trauma to their families.

Today is the last day of road safety month. Until last year, road safety week was observed throughout the country every year in order to highlight the need for road safety. This year, instead of ‘road safety week’, a month-long campaign – National Road Safety Month – is being observed from January 18 to February 17. The theme of this year's road safety month is “Sadak Suraksha-Jeevan Raksha.”

The original Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 was amended in 2019 based on the multiple recommendations of the group of Transport Ministers of different states. It started with increasing the fine charges on the rule floaters to extending the period of driving license and providing first aid during the time of accident.

Road safety rules to follow in order to stay safe on Indian roads:

  • Avoid the intake of alcohol.
  • Drive slowly and follow the rules.
  • Don't drive in the wrong direction.
  • Always wear a helmet and seat belt.
  • Use a child safety seat.
  • Get your car serviced regularly.

You must wear a seatbelt while driving a car and a helmet while driving a two-wheeler. A seat belt saves you not only in major accidents but also sudden brakes in rush. It prevents you from being pushed forward in case of sudden halt. Helmets save us from injuries in case of an accident. Always wear an ISI tag mark helmet which will not crash during an accident.

According to TRAX Road safety NGO, road safety includes road customers, structure and vehicle. Road safety is streamed around five pillars, for instance – Street Safety Management, Infrastructure, Safe Vehicles, Road User Behavior and Post Crash Care.

TRAX is occupied with road safety advocacy and awareness work through different activities. 'Street safety' is their passion and strong point with a demonstrated history of eight years in this field. TRAX is a group of youthful and motivated Advocates, Doctors, Marketers and Trainers.

According to Rajni Gandhi, the General Secretary of TRAX, “Road safety is not only for one week or one month. It is a regular and sustainable practice. We have to follow all rules and regulations properly. People should wear ISI tag mark helmets while driving and also wear seatbelts while driving or sitting at the back. In India, infrastructure is one of the major parts in road accidents. Government has to provide good infrastructure and it's also our duty to be aware while driving.”

Anurag  Kulshrestha
Anurag Kulshrestha
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Real ground level Road Safety Warrior having clear view about all aspects of road safety and very much about road users psychology. She has given 200% to TRAX to make its presence at national n international horizon. God bless her.