Here’s how you can stay away from sickness
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Here’s how you can stay away from sickness

Just imbibe these healthy habits and superfoods in your routine to keep you healthy and strong

Here’s how you can stay away from sickness

New Delhi: Change of season can cause mild and major sickness if you don't take required precautions. Ailments such as cold, flu and fever aren't counted as major illnesses but can confine you to beds directly impacting your mental health and productivity.

Such sickness can be tough on you as it can cause irritation and induce you into fight with people around you for miscellaneous reasons. You just can't pop in pills if you fall sick frequently.

Just imbibe these healthy habits and superfoods in your routine to keep you healthy and strong. These simple practices can help clear, purify and lighten the body and mind when most needed. Hence, it helps you in staying strong, fit and not letting you succumb to irritating mild illnesses.

Take Ashwagandha Churna (powder) every day. Yes, consuming Ashwagandha in powder form with warm water should be the the first thing every day. It reduces anxiety and stress, helps in fighting depression, and even boosts brain function. Your immunity level goes up significantly when you are away from stress.

Drink plenty of fluids, particularly water. Avoid alcohol, tea, and coffee as these drinks can cause slight dehydration. You can add a pinch of Mulethi or Shunthi powder (dry ginger powder) to your tea or coffee. It will not change the taste of your favourite beverage but it will certainly boost sickness fighting elements in your body.

Reduce fever and congestion with Tulsi tea. Tulsi is considered one of the most purifying Ayurvedic herbs. When it comes to cold and flu, Tulsi can help reduce headaches and fevers, relieve congestion, and support digestion. Mild warm Tulsi tea can soothe the nerves, support healthy emotions and enhance mental clarity. However, avoid Tulsi tea during pregnancy or high-pitta conditions like acid reflux or hot flashes.

Turmeric Latte is nothing but our indigenous Haldi Doodh. Turmeric is an immune-boosting spice. There may not be a better herb which can improve the immunity needed to fight the flu as it boasts natural anti-viral properties as well as energy, mood, and digestion boosting properties. Drinking even just half a cup of Haldi Doodh can give a comforting sleep, boost immunity levels and decrease restlessness in you. And, the best part is that it has no side effects. The trick here is that you drink it before going to sleep.

Lemon Grass tea can be drunk with a tiny bit of honey. It also helps in relieving anxiety. Many people find sipping hot tea to be relaxing, but Lemon Grass tea may offer further anxiety reducing properties. It can help in lowering cholesterol, preventing infection, boosting oral health and relieving pain.

Gentle yoga can help when you are feeling under the weather. Vigorous Pranayama is often too irritating when you are sick, but practicing mindful breathing can clear congestion, enhance circulation, and restore a balanced energy flow throughout your body. Gentle rolling-around-the-floor stretching can help open up your chest, relieve stiffness and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. Just mild stretching can do wonders. People who suffer from insomnia can practice bed time yoga or simple stretches to have a sound and comfortable sleep.