Meet French Diva – A new yoga teacher in town
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Meet French Diva – A new yoga teacher in town

Kelly tries to imitate Chandra while he does yoga

Meet French Diva – A new yoga teacher in town

New Delhi: What if I say that your pet can be a yoga teacher and a fitness expert? Still wondering? Then get out of your bed, lay down your yoga mat on the floor, and follow Kelly's yoga training session.

This French Bulldog has proven what we still can't digest. Kelly is a three years old black-coloured French Bulldog living in Noida, who tries to imitate her master, Tushar Chandra, who is a fitness trainer and does yoga on a daily basis.

Kelly has been observing Chandra for long. She tries to imitate Chandra while he does yoga. When we asked Chandra for the reasons behind copying him, he said, “She thrives for attention, and is a very even-tempered house dog who loves chicken rice.”

Like normal dogs, Kelly doesn't bark a lot but only when she finds a real cause of excitement. Apart from yoga, Kelly loves to skate, she plays with her toy bone and prefers to stay in the house with lots of attention.

Kelly started yoga at the age of 2. In December last year, she was diagnosed with pyometra due to which her uterus was removed through surgery but she recovered soon. Last year, she also got a broken bone which induced fear of heights in her. She has the bat-ear which occurs naturally.

She is a muscular dog and very friendly with every guest who visits her home. Lizards and frogs are not welcome; she kills them. If you are lazy and don't do yoga then Kelly can be the best trainer for you. If you wish to withdraw her from yoga, you can offer her some chicken leg pieces and she is all yours.