'Brave lady' serves mouthwatering Dosa in Dwarka
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'Brave lady' serves mouthwatering Dosa in Dwarka

Superwoman serves Dosa and Idli in Dwarka for 21 years now.

'Brave lady' serves mouthwatering Dosa in Dwarka

New Delhi: Dosa is one of the most-loved street foods in Delhi. There is a woman who has been selling amazing south Indian food in Dwarka for 21 years now. It's a very famous stall in Sector 7, Dwarka.

A 54 years old woman named Raja Mani, sits in one corner of a platform near Gokul garden in Sector 7. She has been selling Dosa, Idli for 21 years now.

How it all started?

Raja Mani is from Tamil Nadu and stays in New Delhi with her husband and two sons. Her elder son used to love her Dosa and Idli and wanted her food to reach out to all the people. It was his dream for her to start a stall in Dwarka.

In 2000, Mani started a south Indian food stall with the help of her elder son and her husband. But when she started her new venture, she lost her elder son in an accident. That didn't stop her and she went ahead and started the food stall and now she is a very popular food vendor in Dwarka. She did this for her son.

In the beginning, it was a huge struggle for her to get recognised but when people started coming to her stall and started eating her home-made south Indian food, she became a huge buzz among netizens. She makes really tasty masala dosa and idli and that too just for Rs 50. She and her husband, both run the food stall together now.

This International Women’s Day, let's cheer for all such brave women out there, who did not let the adversities of life affect them and went on to achieve and live their dreams. 


Nikhil  Deep
Nikhil Deep
644 Days Ago
Good to know about such hidden food gems. Will definitely try this one with my friends.
Arjun  Dhar
Arjun Dhar
644 Days Ago
Indeed good food!!!