Not shore what’s happening?


Not shore what’s happening?

David Morris took photographs from the hamlet of Gillan, near Falmouth.

Not shore what’s happening?

New Delhi: Images of a ship, which appears to be floating in the air, are being circulated on the Internet. A man named David Morris is said to have taken the picture of the ship while walking near Falmouth, Cornwall in United Kingdom.

This captured image is the result of a rare optical illusion. The colours of the sky and ocean meet to create a mirage for the people of the coast of England.

BBC meteorologist David Braine said in a quote, “The superior mirage occurs because of special atmospheric conditions that bends light. This illusion is common in the Arctic, but can appear very rarely in  the UK during winter.”

People are stunned to see these images on Twitter.

According to Braine, “Superior mirages occur because of the weather condition known as a temperature inversion, where cold air lies close to the sea with warmer air above it. Since cold air is denser than warm air, it bends light towards the eyes of someone standing on the ground or on the coast, changing how a distant object appears. Superior mirages can produce a few different types of images – here a  distant ship appears to float high above its actual position, but sometimes an object below the horizon can become visible.”