Things you can do tonight. Yes, tonight!
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Things you can do tonight. Yes, tonight!

If you still don’t know how to spend your Sunday, we’ve got you covered

Things you can do tonight. Yes, tonight!

It’s the last day of the week and many of us are still contemplating crawling out of our beds. I know I am. The past week has been hectic and chaotic (which one isn’t?) and we have absolutely no energy to even think. But, we also would want to go out later in the day.

Not all of us plan our weekends ahead and we most definitely do not want to spend them just folding laundry. If you are also team ‘sleeping in’, then you’re reading the right article. Below is a list of all things you can do impromptu -- no reservations, no planning, no special clothes. Just wear your comfy clothes and head out. Enjoy your Funday Sunday!

1. Punch Pe Punch - Gurugram

Enjoy 100 minutes of pure comedy of punches and one-liners, just for Rs 300, by some of the well-known names from the Delhi comedy circuit. The Central Club of Comedy in Gurugram is hosting a comedy night at 5 pm today at Plot 1, Moulsari Avenue, DLF Phase 3, near Metro pillar 142, Gurugram. Although the line-up is a surprise, the event itself seems extremely tempting. You can book your tickets here:

2. Nehru Planetarium 

If you are a science geek or just looking for something different to do, just buy a ticket for Rs 50 and hop on to a Metro to the glorious Nehru Planetarium situated in the green surroundings of the Teen Murti House. Earlier the residence of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, it is now a museum to commemorate him. 

The Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund built the Nehru Planetarium with its primary aim being the promotion of astronomy education. The planetarium is a wing of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture. 

There are four shows everyday: 

11:30 am - ‘Solar System’ (In English)

1:30 pm - ‘Solar System’ (In Hindi)

3:00 pm - ‘Solar System’ (In English)

4:00 pm - ‘Solar System’ (In Hindi)


3. Aajeevika India Food Court - Noida

Food lovers, rejoice! Kudumbashree, a National Resource Organisation, recognised by the central government, is holding a festival for those who would love to try the cuisines of rural India. It is a “food extravaganza which brings together ethnic cuisines prepared by rural women entrepreneurs from over 11 states across India,” says their Facebook page. 

The festival starts at 11 every morning and ends at 10 pm every night till March 14. If food is your calling this Sunday, then this is where you need to be: Shilp Haat, Sector 33.A, Noida.

 4. Room Escape Games 

For the ones seeking more thrill but hate the outdoors, we’ve got something for you. Head to and buy your way into this real life escape game zone for just Rs 250. You are locked up in a room with 6 other people and you have 60 minutes to escape. You race against friends, family and strangers to survive and win. Dare to escape?

5. Women’s Day Special

Of course something especially for women had to figure in this list! If you pretty ladies don’t want to step out at all, that’s absolutely fine. Shake a leg with SHIAMAK Women's Day Special today with the Bollywood choreographer’s best dancers teaching some of the best moves! 

There are four classes in total. You choose to attend one or all four. And yes, it’s online! So get up, get on your dance shoes and groove to some hot music. Book here: