#WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood trends on Twitter
#WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood trends on Twitter
Kashika Manhas
#WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood trends on Twitter
Photo: Kashika Manhas

#WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood trends on Twitter

New Delhi: A new hashtag, #WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood was trending on Twitter on Thursday. This happened after Sonu Sood, an Indian actor tweeted, “Shiv bhagwan ki photo forward karke nahi, kisi ki madad karke maha shivratri manae. Om namah shivae.”

This means: don’t celebrate Maha Shivratri by forwarding pictures of the deity but by helping someone in need.

What seems like an innocent tweet, spreading the message of kindness, has been turned into something else entirely. People are mad at Sonu Sood for telling them how to worship their God.

Along with this hashtag, two more hashtags, #MyFestival And  #MyChoice are trending as well.

A tweet from August 2018 has been brought up where Sonu Sood is found wishing his Twitter followers ‘Eid Mubarak’.

After this backlash from the twitter trolls, Sonu Sood has deleted the tweet.


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