Know everything about PCOD and PCOS
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Know everything about PCOD and PCOS

“People often get confused between them because of similar symptoms”, she added

Know everything about PCOD and PCOS

New Delhi: You must have heard terms like PCOD and PCOS but a lot of people don’t even know what they stand for. PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease and PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. They sound almost alike and are actually different stages of a lifestyle disease, according to gynaecologist Dr Tanvi Gaba.

She said that the first stage is polycystic ovaries followed by polycystic ovarian disease and lastly it becomes polycystic ovarian syndrome. “People often get confused between them because of similar symptoms”, she added.

PCOS was first discovered by American gynecologists, Irving F Stein and Michael L Leventhal in 1935. The root cause for the problem is lifestyle disorders like improper diet, excessive consumption of junk food and inappropriate sleeping pattern.

It is very important to  understand and be aware about our body, to get it treated on time. Both of these problems occur in the reproductive age of women. Some of the most usual symptoms of PCOD and PCOS are:

Irregular menstrual cycle
Weight gain
Excessive fat around belly
Heavy bleeding ( Menorrhagia)
Polycystic ovaries
Acne around the chin and jawline
Unusual body hair growth.

Gynecologist, Dr Amodita Ahuja said, “People are prone to problems like anxiety disorder, premenstrual syndrome, depression due to PCOS or PCOD.” There are a lot of myths around PCOS and PCOD, but both the doctors have told about the myths that you need not to worry about.

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Only fat people can have PCOS: It is not the case, even thin people can suffer from the same and people having fat may not necessarily get PCOS.

Women with PCOS can not conceive: Only 15 per cent of women go through severe trouble while conceiving, others can conceive easily by balancing their lifestyle and with the help of medications.

Consuming pills can cure them properly: Pills help to release fat and maintain menstrual cycle but real cure is proper exercise and balancing lifestyle.

Excessive sex, masturburation, white discharge: Lifestyle disorder is the only cause of polycystic ovaries.

Facial hair growth and diabetes: Both of these things can be signs of PCOS but it is not crucial as they can transfer to your body genetically.

Doctors recommend treating their patients by correcting or balancing their eating routine, low consumptions of carbohydrates and more protein and fat. Exercise is most important with a proper sleeping pattern and lastly medicines to support the whole cycle.

Fibrous and nutrition full (vegetables and fruits)
Protien and fat rich fish (salmon fish)