'BAG' Ke Shadi - A filmy love story which started with luggage exchange
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'BAG' Ke Shadi - A filmy love story which started with luggage exchange

In 2018, Manish and Greeshma first met at Mumbai airport while travelling from Delhi to Mumbai

'BAG' Ke Shadi - A filmy love story which started with luggage exchange

New Delhi: If you are a fan of Bollywood romantic movies, definitely you will like the story of Manish Batavia and Greeshma Vohra who got married on March 7. Manish Batavia is a sports presenter and commentator.

The story of the beautiful couple is very interesting and ‘filmy’. In 2018, Manish and Greeshma first met at Mumbai airport while travelling from Delhi to Mumbai and the cause of their meeting was luggage exchange.

Their bags were similar. Both had the same colour and brand. They got exchanged by mistake at the checkout. There was a tag on Greeshma’s bag with her name and number so Manish called Greeshma and informed her that the bags were exchanged. But she had left the airport by that time. He was waiting for her in a Starbucks Coffee outlet.

She came back and exchanged the bags. After that, she booked a cab for herself but it took 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, she bought coffee but at the time of payment she was stuck because she didn't have enough cash and the card swipe machine did not work properly. When Manish knew about the situation, he paid for her coffee and told her that pay me later if you want but it's just a coffee.

And then, Greeshma left and told him to give his bank account number for payment. Many times Greeshma asked him for her bank account number but he refused every time. In 2019, Manish joined Google pay and Greeshma saw a notification that your friend joined Google pay and she instantly paid him for that coffee.

Both of them used to talk to each other on WhatsApp with normal conversation. One day, Manish asked her for dinner and she agreed. From that day, they became good friends.

In March 2020, when the lockdown was imposed, Greeshma was stuck in Mumbai, she was living alone and her family was in Vadodara, Gujarat. So as a friend, Manish talked to her everyday.

In a talk with CitySpidey Manish said, “I knew that she was alone and her parents were in Vadodara and it was difficult for her to stay alone. She was emotional on call, so I said no worry, I will call you everyday. So every day we talked late night on video calls about our lives and career. These talks continued from March end to August.”

“After she left Mumbai after lockdown, we talked on WhatsApp and sometimes on call because it was difficult for her to talk on a video call. In September, I felt that maybe there was a future because we were very similar and in November, she came for a meeting in Mumbai. She came and then we met. I asked her and then she said 'yes. Now we are here in front of all of us,” he added.

Later he added, “I am a very filmy guy and introduced her to family in December in filmy style. I invited my 15-20 family members for dinner and I did not tell anyone about her. She was waiting for my call in another restaurant and when everyone reached, I called her and introduced her in front of my family. On December 29. I and Greeshma reached Vadodara to met Greeshma’s family. She told her parents about myself and they researched my profile and then said okay.”

“Every arrangement of the marriage was handled by both of us only, no one was involved in the arrangements and we are looking as a production manager more than a bride and a groom. Lots of drama happened, at the end, our photographer suffered from Covid-19 ten days before the marriage. The catering manager was also infected by Covid-19. But he managed everything from the hospital,” he added.

Before their marriage, Manish posted a video on Facebook with a message, “As a YRF fanboy, I often wondered how it would be if Yash Chopra wrote my love story! Deep down I always hoped I’d someday be able to write my own version of “How I Met Your Mother”! Little did I know, this happy twist was in store for me! Greeshma Vohra and I are just 24 hours away from embarking on an exciting new phase of our lives, and we’re happy to share this little 2-minuter that encompasses the last two bizarrely eventful years of our lives! ?? #ShaadiScenes.”


And in the video they shared a message, “Hum dono ‘BAG’ Ke Shadi Kar Rahey hain! No!! Okay!”

Wish you a happy married life from the team of CitySpidey.