Man compromises with his safety to save life of a stray dog
Man compromises with his safety to save life of a stray dog
Kashika Manhas
Man compromises with his safety to save life of a stray dog
Photo: CitySpidey

Man compromises with his safety to save life of a stray dog

Dwarka: Accidents of stray animals due to road rash have become common since the arrival of  coronavirus pandemic. It is said in various reports that new puppies born during the lockdown period have no perception of traffic. Moreover, the reckless attitude of people towards the stray has added to the woes.

Amid all this, there is a man who sacrificed his own well-being to save life of a stray dog. On March 18, to prevent his car from hitting the stray, Nitin Kumar swerved his car and crashed into a tree. This happened in front of the Iskcon Temple Sector 13, Dwarka. Kumar was reluctant to share details about his identity but we don’t need a face to praise such unsung heroes of our society.

On the day, Kumar was heading to his office when a stray dog jumped in his way. He did what he could and changed the course of his car. By the looks of it, and the noticeable pink ribbons on the bonnet, his car was new.

“I was driving my car and unfortunately there was a dog in my way. To save it, I had to take a wrong turn. Now my car got smashed into a tree. But it’s okay since the dog is safe and sound. For me the life of a pet or stray animal is more important than a car. Everyone is coming and looking around. But at the end of the day, what’s more important is that the life of that dog was saved.” said Nitin Kumar, at the site of occurrence to CitySpidey.

Kumar is an example to all of us, he valued life over material possession. And his own life!

When CitySpidey shared the story with a street-dog lover, she said in her quote, “This proves that humanity is still alive! Nitin had compassion and gave priority to life. He didn’t care about his own life, all he cared about was the dog’s safety. That’s the reason why foundations don't want any puppies on the street. This is why sterilisation should be done street-by-street, in an organised manner. It is very important. Most of the people don’t even care. There are so many animals that die on the street everyday and it breaks my heart. I salute this man for what he did.”

The dog was nowhere in sight for obvious reasons but here are some pictures of the car crash.