Oorja Performing ARTS Centre presents a show on life of a salesman
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Oorja Performing ARTS Centre presents a show on life of a salesman

Oorja Performing ARTS Centre presented ‘Charlie’, inspired by Franz Kafka’s novella Metamorphosis

Oorja Performing ARTS Centre presents a show on life of a salesman

New Delhi: Almost one year ago, a pandemic hit all of us and we still don't have any idea when things would become normal. Entertainment Industry was completely shut, the theatres gone empty and all the festivals were cancelled. But all the things were not halted, thanks to social media.

On March 21, Oorja Performing ARTS Centre shared a video on their Facebook page and captioned, “OORJA PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE presents 'Charlie' inspired by Franz Kafka’s  novella Metamorphosis. This solo piece was performed live on the official Facebook page of OORJAA PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE by Siddarth Chaturvedi on 20th March 2021.”

“It is a work in progress of the ongoing Online Theatre Classes. Franz Kafka’s novella, which tells the tale of a traveling salesman who is transformed into a creature, is brought to life in this piece. Charlie combines elements of sound, physicality, and minimalist design to recreate Kafka’s absurdist world in the room,” they added.


Oorja Performing ARTS Centre presented ‘Charlie’ which was inspired by Franz Kafka’s novella Metamorphosis. The solo piece was directed by Moon Moon Singh and performed by Siddarth Chaturvedi. The technical assistant was Kabir Chaturvedi.

Moon Moon Singh, a dancer, actor, and theatre director said, “My student Siddharth has finished a beautiful character of Charlie from Kafka's metamorphosis. He has through the online theatre class of Oorja Performing ARTS Centre has achieved this solo act online through sheer dexterity wherein Charlie transforms from a human to a creature. His interpretation has deep layers of meaning of the inner psyche of an ordinary salesman.”

Actor Siddarth shared, “This is a story of Franz Kafka and it's one of my favorite stories because it tells us how our life is. The protagonist is an anti-hero, that’s what Franz Kafka addressed him as. The two-line from this novel that sum up to me are, ‘Getting up early, makes a man quite idiotic' and ‘I would have left this job if I had money.”

“Throughout this process, I would like to thank Moon Moon ma'am who came up even late at night around 11 or 12 because I am also working. I am an IT professional who is working in shifts and these shifts change every day just like Charlie changes, how he transforms into this creature but yet ma'am is there to help and this process made me realise the importance of teacher because if Moon Moon ma'am was not there, I would not be able to do this,” he added.