Sorting Holi clothes not an easy job. Heck!
Sorting Holi clothes not an easy job. Heck!
Kashika Manhas
Sorting Holi clothes not an easy job. Heck!
Photo: CitySpidey

Sorting Holi clothes not an easy job. Heck!

New Delhi: When it comes to shopping for festivals, people usually buy new clothes one or two weeks prior to the celebration. That is not how exactly Holi works though. You also need those clothes to celebrate Holi.

Do you remember the time when your parents made you sort through all the junk in your almirah? You had to look for that one shirt that was frayed and tattered all over. That is your Holi outfit! It would most probably turn into a duster later.

So what is the criteria for your ultimate Holi outfit? Let's take a walk through the memory lane.

  • It has to be coloured. White shirts just do not do. You bring a tattered white shirt to your parents, it immediately turns into a kitchen pochha. Also white is see-through, what were you thinking?
  • It needs to be frayed. Frayed, discoloured, and stained with memories of your ungraceful fast food party.
  • Their condition should be such that it cannot be even worn as a night suit. Then it qualifies as a Holi outfit.
  • The pants must be old, stretchable tights without any holes. Holes in your shirt are acceptable but for some reason holes in your tights? Tch tch tch, impermissible.
  • The most important of all – it has to be at least five years old. Anything less than that and you get smacked on the head.

And you know what? If your clothes don't match these criteria, go raid your sibling's closet. Simple! Don't tell them I told you so, ciao.