DCP tweets 'pawri' doodle with Covid-19 twist; gets viral
DCP tweets 'pawri' doodle with Covid-19 twist; gets viral
Samaksh Namdev
DCP tweets 'pawri' doodle with Covid-19 twist; gets viral
Photo: Twitter

DCP tweets 'pawri' doodle with Covid-19 twist; gets viral

New Delhi: Pawri! Pawri! Pawri! it's pawri everywhere and this trend doesn’t  show any signs of fading yet. The chain of pawri trends are too long. In the world of social media, memes just flow.

As we all know that the number of Covid-19 cases have been increasing in many parts of India again and with the help of social media, many organisations are spreading awareness across the country.

Now, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central), Delhi tweeted a doodle on the official handle with a caption, “Wear a mask to protect yourself and stop the spread of Covid 19.”



The pawri trend with coronavirus doodle is very interesting and it attempts to show how viruses can easily spread. In the doodle, you will find that the virus said, “yeh hum hain, yeh hamare mutants hai, aur humari pawri ho rhi hai.”

The artist behind this doodle is Rajeev Banerjee. Banerjee shared the tweet and said that he is the artist behind this doodle. “This is me @DCPCentralDelhi and that's my cartoon. Thank you for the appreciation. Regards. (sic)”



“Thank you so much for sharing my cartoon! I hope it helps to spread the message. So glad that it is resonating with people, (sic)” he added.



Dananeer Mobeen is the girl who made this meme which went viral across the world but she also never thought that her meme will help people to spread awareness against Covid-19.

The DCP tweeted, “Thank you Rajiv Ji. It's  simply awesome. I am looking forward to many more such informative sketches which can help us win over the fight against COVID 19.”

Netizens applauded this doodle which gained over 2,500 likes. Here are some of the reactions to the viral coronavirus doodle:







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