Video of Mumbai's 'flying vada pavs' enthrals netizens
Video of Mumbai's 'flying vada pavs' enthrals netizens
Sakshi Tickoo
Video of Mumbai's 'flying vada pavs' enthrals netizens
Photo: YouTube

Video of Mumbai's 'flying vada pavs' enthrals netizens

New Delhi: Days after a Mumbai dosa vendor went viral with his food-flipping skills, another man from Mumbai is going viral this time. He is a vada pav vendor. He is getting a lot of attention online for his flying vada pav style.

A vada pav stall owner in Mumbai has created a buzz online for his unique way of tossing the vada and creating the city’s signature street snack with a cheesy twist. The man has been identified as Raghu Dosawala online, who runs his stall at Bora Bazar Street, Mangesh Shenoy Street.

In the YouTube video shared by channel Aamchi Mumbai, the street stall vendor was seen flying the vada in the air using his spatula and then catching it with one hand, before toasting it.
The street stall has been running in the last 60 years and he is the second generation who is serving foods for 32 years.

It’s all about the style of making as the vendor was seen preparing the vada pav, frying the vada masala and the buns toasting in butter. It is a special vada with not just boiled potatoes but loads of cheese as well.

The trending video was posted on YouTube by a food vlogger named Aamchi Mumbai and the video has gained 4,38,790 views so far.

Raghu sells this delicious wholesome snack for just Rs 40.

Vada pav is quite a lifeline for Mumbai people and one can easily find a stall at every second corner of the road. In a bid to stand out in the crowd, perhaps such fun tricks came handy, what do you think?

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