What about some buttery coffee?
What about some buttery coffee?
Snigdha Banerjee
What about some buttery coffee?
Photo: Amar Sirohi

What about some buttery coffee?

New Delhi: Most of us have grown up, having butter with parathas. But have you ever tasted butter coffee?

Asimuddin has a stall in the narrow lane and he has been selling butter coffee since the past 20 years and if you are a foodie with an adventurous taste palette, you would be interested to know about this street vendor in Delhi's Jama Masjid area.


Recently, food blogger Amar Sirohi visited the Haveli Bakhtawar lane near Jama Masjid and sipped butter coffee, and also shared his experience in a video on his Instagram page @foodieincarnate.

Sirohi, captured the entire experience and even spoke to Asimuddin who sells the butter coffee.

In the video, Asimuddin takes a steel jug and pours in some milk. He then adds some Amul butter in the milk.

Amul Butter Being Added To Make Butter Coffee

After this, he adds coffee powder and sugar to the mixture and then takes the jug to the coffee machine which stirs up all the ingredients.

Coffee Machine Stirring The Ingredients

Post which, he pours the butter coffee in a cup and sprinkles cocoa powder on the top.

Amar Sirohi takes a couple of sips of the butter coffee and says that it has a salty, caramelised taste.

Amar sirohi

“It isn't as bad as I had thought it would be,” he says in the video. 



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