Five useful apps to make your life easier
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Five useful apps to make your life easier

Your life becomes smoother if you are aware of what to use, when to use and where to use

Five useful apps to make your life easier

New Delhi: Benefits from science and technology are boundless; it makes life easier in almost every aspects ranging from travel to communication. Communication indicates and delivered our thoughts via different mediums.

Your life becomes smoother if you are aware of what to use, when to use and where to use. So let's explore some of the useful mobile phone applications, which don't only fulfill your needs but also save time.


WhatsApp is very common these days but isn't so maddening when people delete their text before you see it. Normally, we tend to get curious about the deleted text. There is a solution to it. WAMR app can treat your curiosity.

It brings back deleted text, media, documents, voice notes, stickers, and animated gifs. It also provides an arrangement of downloading status. WAMR detects if someone has deleted text and will ping you immediately.

2. Sonic Sound Wave Generator With All Tones

It is scary to even think about your mobile phone falling down in a bucket full of water, but if someday unfortunately you meet with this scarry incident, soaking your phone in rice or drying in sunlight would take very long.

In that case, you can avail service from a sonic sound wave app to expel water out of your mobile phone's speaker. It provides a sound tone from 1Hz to 25KHz. For adjusting frequency, you can easily swipe up and down. You can also try this app for other uses such as stop dog from barking, test your hearing and test your audio equipment.

3. Send Anywhere

Want to escape from the tension of carrying different USB data cables to transfer your files or to exchange it with a PC? Try out this amazing app Send Anywhere. It helps you from trouble of carrying cables. It'll help you to save time and share files easily with some clips on your mobile phone.

You can share all types of files on the same network. Wi-Fi direct can also be used to transfer files. Web version of Send Anywhere is also available.

4. All India Code Finder

It becomes very uneasy when you want to send surprises to your loved ones and you don't find a pin code to complete the receiving address. Stop worrying, because now you can get to know pin codes and much more information from All India Code Finder.

This app cognates all of the quotes from STD to PIN code by state, district or area. Not only this, it can extract information of bank IFSC codes and vehicle codes. It also lists names of radio stations city wise in the country.

5. Track - Email Tracking

It is an app from where you can avail services to know who has opened your email, when, where and for how long your message has been read. It also provides reminders for unread emails. It is invisible to recipients.