Easy tricks to make salad not just a boring bowl of veggies
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Easy tricks to make salad not just a boring bowl of veggies

Salads don't have to be boring. You just need to know how to jazz them up

Easy tricks to make salad not just a boring bowl of veggies

New Delhi: At a time when people are making more resolutions than ever to eat healthy, a salad a day might just make for the right addition to the daily diet. A salad packs antioxidants and other nutrients; it can be made low-calorie and is one of the most fuss-free preps in the kitchen. If you have been enjoying your salad in just one or two predictable ways till now, you need not do that anymore. Use these simple and delicious additions to give it a flavourful twist.

Tips to jazz up your salad:

1. Go beyond lettuce

Usually, when you think of preparing a salad, the first thing you reach for is lettuce leaves. But this time, think ahead of that and include roasted pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, moong, boiled sweet potato and roasted paneer. You can also add pickled veggies to it.

2. Chop herbs into it

Instead of basic seasonings, try sprinkling herbs such as basil and rosemary into the bowl, which can add new flavour to it.

3. Make it colourful 

Prepare your salad with chickpea, lettuce leaves and boiled rajma beans. Add purple cabbage, red cherry tomatoes and yellow peppers to it, too. You'll end up with a healthier salad this way.

4. Add some crunch to it

Fresh salads are definitely delicious on their own, but give them a taste upgrade on their own by adding crunchy croutons, pumpkin seeds and nuts to it. Just chop a handful of nuts and use that as a topping.

5. Make it fruity

Who says a salad has to be just veggie? For a sweet-tangy twist, introduce fruit into it. You can add whatever you have at home - watermelon chunks, peeled orange slices, apple and cut mango cubes. Chop some mint over it and you're set!

6. Add pasta or noodles

It's time to invite your favourite pasta or Asian noodles to the salad party. Pasta salad is an often forgotten meal (#bringbackpastasalad), but it completely transforms a salad into a filling, satisfying and scrumptious meal. Stick to wholemeal of pasta to make it extra filling and nutritious.

7. Marinate your protein

Adding protein to your salad means you'll feel fuller for longer (no one likes being hungry after an unsatisfying salad). But plain chicken, tofu or beef is boring. To make the most out of your salad,  marinate your protein of choice -- try a tamari sauce, peanut sauce, or a cumin garlic marinade.

Try these amazing game changer to your salad bowl!