Ladli Foundation organises event to rescue children from illegal activities
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Ladli Foundation organises event to rescue children from illegal activities

The event took place in Delhi's Sagarpur West

Ladli Foundation organises event to rescue children from illegal activities

New Delhi: The children are the future of our society. If they are not occupied in constructive works, they can spoil their lives. Juvenile delinquent refers to the minors who get involved in  illegal activities.

During the pandemic, shut down of schools has majorly impacted children all around, mainly  children from a lower-class family. Closure of schools has prompted them to engage in illegal activities like stealing money, substance abuse and various other crimes.

However on 1 April 2021, actively covering 20 locations, Ladli Foundation Trust, took an initiative, JOSH under Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan in collaboration with National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment and Delhi Police. Under this, an event was organised to divert about 1,000 young minds from substance abuse and crimes. They belonged to 20 slums of Delhi.

The event took place at Nagarvan Park, Sagarpur West, Delhi from 4 pm to 6 pm. The objective of the event was to engage children in healthy practices so that they don’t get distracted by bad activities.

In the event, they involved the children in intensive physical activities, sports training, yoga, and orientation sessions to make them an asset to society by enabling them with skill training and 100 per cent job placement through the Delhi Police YUVA initiative.

CitySpidey spoke to a police inspector, he said, “It becomes very important for these children to get involved in activities like playing, doing yoga and gaining some good knowledge. I see a lot of children doing smoking, stealing, and taking drugs. The cases increased during the lockdown phase and it continued since they don’t have any major work to do nor their schools are opened.”

Students were very happy to attend this event. The event will continue for six months. 11-year-old Manish, a resident of West Sagarpur, expressed his joy after attending his first session. He said, “I love to study and also enjoy playing cricket.” He was brought up here by the volunteers of Ladli Foundation.

Chitwan Pun from Ladli Foundation said, “There is some problem going on, that little kids are going into drugs, alcoholism, criminal activities, so we are doing the needful. We have been given the children names and their numbers. This is how we got in touch with these kids. Now the issue is this, that not all of them have performed some criminal activity or they have gone to prison, it is not that, but yes, 10 to 20 per cent of them may have done it. Let’s just forget about the criminal aspect for a while. But many of them have been into some kind of substance abuse. They sniff sanitisers or whatever they can get in their hands. They don’t attend schools, rather they go to places where they can gain more money to support their family and to get that money, they are doing wrong things".

JOSH is helping these students to get rid of their bad habits. The event keeps them occupied during vulnerable peak hours. That is why, it is being conducted in the evening. After this six-month long session, they are going to be provided jobs. It will be given to at least 100 boys above 18 years of age. They have a fair chance of earning money if not a real career.