Dwarka: Gurudwara Guru Sahib needs volunteers for performing cremations
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Dwarka: Gurudwara Guru Sahib needs volunteers for performing cremations

The volunteers of Gurdwara Guru Sahib cremated 43 bodies on Friday

Dwarka: Gurudwara Guru Sahib needs volunteers for performing cremations

New Delhi: The whole nation is struggling with a pandemic and suffering from the deadly coronavirus. The condition is very critical and worsening day by day in Delhi. It is the eighth consecutive day when the daily cases are near 23,000 mark in the city.

Delhi reported 22,933 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, 24,103 on Saturday, 24,331 on Friday, 26,169 on Thursday, 24,638 on Wednesday, 28,395 on Tuesday and 23,686 on Monday.

The major cause of concern in Delhi is the fatality rate, 350 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours. Due to this, the cremation centers are losing their capacity.

On March 22, 2021, the cremation ground of Sector 24 was handed over to Gurdwara Sahib, Sector 11, Dwarka by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), and now they are facing problems as the number of deaths are rising on a daily basis.

Sector 24, Dwarka cremation ground has the capacity of just 15 bodies per day but the volunteers of  Gurdwara Guru Sahib cremated 43 on Friday and the matter does not end here, they are facing the  problem of lack of volunteers because the staff is working day and night.

In these circumstances, they need help so the workload on their staff is reduced and the system doesn’t stop, as their volunteers also need rest to regain energy and keep themselves fit and fine.

They also shared a message that read, “I request all with folded hands to join this Sewa as a volunteer or as paid staff and help the fellow residents who are coming at crematorium to cremate their loved ones with a very heavy heart.”

Himanshu Joshi, President, Sea Show CGHS, Sector 19B said, “The  youngsters who had Covid in past were expected to participate because the rate of infection is less. But nobody come forward because they all were afraid due to the low capacity of beds and oxygen. Hospitals do not have any proper infrastructure.”

“This situation is very horrifying and if they need any help, they have to define the responsibilities for the people because people are not aware of cremation activities. Although, nobody wants to go to the cremation ground which is very horrifying,” he added.

He also said that there are many other works in the cremation ground and if they need volunteers for the same, they have to mention them too.

DP Vajpayee, President of Dwarka Lok Kalyan Manch (DLKM) said, “Sikh community has always been at the forefront of seva. They have taken a great job in these trying times. SDMC also needs to be praised for involving local socio-religious organisations in managing its services.”

Ravi Jaitley, General Secretary, Seniors Hub Dwarka, said, “These people have done a great job but I have doubt that people will come forward to volunteer. Getting a volunteer is a tough job and it will take time and in the tough time, corporations have to come forward to the rescue or hire the people for them.”