Shortage of ambulance but not humanity


Shortage of ambulance but not humanity

‘‘I don’t have an ambulance but I can drop you at the hospital free of cost by my car,’’ says Mehra

Shortage of ambulance but not humanity

New Delhi: The rise in cases of Covid has increased the demand for ambulances. According to the reports, India is facing a shortage of ambulance services with medical assistance and this has led to on the spot deaths of patients and also delay in treatment for severe cases. With increasing days, the pandemic is leading to more problems.

However, there is no lack of humanity even in such tough times. People are stepping in to help  people all over, be it free food distribution or free ambulance services.

Ajay Mehra, 50, resident of Vikas Puri, founder and president of Zero Foundation, is individually helping people by dropping them at the hospitals in his car. “I don’t have an ambulance but I can drop you at the hospital free of cost by my car,” says  Mehra.

Mehra is doing this emergency service from march 2020. He says, “Last year, I saw a lot of families, wandering around and longing because of shortage of ambulances, so my conscience and my God inspired me to work for the people and I thought that until I get a new ambulance, I will serve the people free from my car,” says Mehra.

Mehra added that many times he gets an emergency call from people in the middle of the night and he goes to the hospital no matter what time it is. Till now, he has helped more than 100 people.

While sharing some experiences, he said “Last month, I got a call from a lady at 2 in the night, she said she is alone at home and her children and in-laws are not with her, her blood pressure was down, I immediately went to her location, took her to the Dada Dev Hospital, Dabri. I waited 1 hour at the hospital after she was treated, and dropped her back home. Earlier one more lady named Asha called me in the middle of the night. Her mother was not feeling well, she was facing difficulty in breathing, I took both of them to the RML hospital and waited all night with them.”

He said he mostly gets calls in the middle of the night and he doesn’t say no to anyone. He is also trying to purchase an ambulance for which he is arranging money, if that doesn’t happen, then he will continue this work through his private car and later officially convert it into an ambulance. Mehra says, “I am always available 24 hours till the end of my life for humanity.”

If you also need help then contact on this number given below:

Ajay Mehra - 9911997171