Community and Covid-19: Unite and conquer
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Community and Covid-19: Unite and conquer

How a community can aid human lives right now by better coordination & management

Community and Covid-19: Unite and conquer

Dwarka: The times are tough for everyone and the only way to get through is to work together and help each other. It has become very crucial at this point that we all come together and help each other to make this pandemic a bit more bearable. 

The Federation of Co-operative Group Housing Society (CGHS) Dwarka Ltd has decided to help the community by putting in joint efforts. CitySpidey talked to its president, Sudha Sinha, on how they are helping people during these difficult times.

Sinha said that the federation has been in touch with the authorities and is continuously working to create awareness among the residents of Dwarka and is providing them with necessary assistance. She said that people are treating Covid-19 like a stigma and that they aim to make people suffering from Covid more comfortable so they can recover fast.

When being asked about how the federation has been helping the community, Sinha said that when Covid-19 first hit us a year ago, the government imposed very strict rules during the lockdown. Nobody was allowed to go in or out of gated housing societies which wasn’t possible practically. So, the federation took it to the authorities and sought some relaxation. Passes were issued for basic service providers like plumbers, grocers and so on. Sinha also briefed about the protocols to be followed for the last rites of someone who has succumbed to coronavirus.

Now, as the Covid-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate and there is a shortage of beds in hospitals, lots of people are isolating at their homes and that comes with its own set of challenges. It is more challenging for the senior citizens as they are much more dependent. On being asked about what is being done to help such people, Sinha said that there are people designated to deliver groceries to homes with Covid-9 cases and their numbers have been circulated in various groups. 

She further added that the managing committees of the societies are playing a very crucial role in the same. They are helping in providing groceries and vegetables to senior citizens. They can ask for the same on the society groups and designated people do the needful.

Sinha is of the view that the past one year has been very educating and this time, everyone is more prepared to tackle the problems. She urged people not to do ‘gharelu nuskha’ while being in home isolation. Adding to the same, she asked people to consult a doctor, follow a healthy routine, eat healthy and do yoga and breathing exercises. 

Sinha also urged all Covid-19m positive patients to inform everyone around them of their condition.

When CitySpidey asked Sinha about whether they are receiving requests for hospital beds and oxygen cylinders, she said that the times are tough and everybody can help but only upto an extent. She added that the hospitals and doctors are doing a wonderful job but they are frustrated and there aren’t enough resources available. She says that the system has collapsed totally.

Ending the conversation, Sinha urged the government and representatives to come out and help. She said, ‘‘It is a request to you, come out and help people. They need you right now. This is not the time to bicker but to help each other."