Meet an inspiring shero who became doctor to serve humanity
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Meet an inspiring shero who became doctor to serve humanity

Dr. Suman has taken this noble profession to serve the upliftment of the underprivileged

Meet an inspiring shero who became doctor to serve humanity

Gurugram: This pandemic has really shown us the importance of healthcare workers and doctors. At a time when we all have been working from home, there are these people who don’t have that option. They are advising us to stay inside our homes when they can’t do that. Doctors have been working day and night in this pandemic to save millions of lives while risking their own.

Dr. Sugandh Suman, 38, a resident of Sector 54 in Gurugram, a Diabetologist and a general practitioner completed her MBBS and MD from a government medical college and hospital and has more than 14 years of experience running her clinic in Gurugram.

We all are aware that most of the health facilities are limited to only the higher section or some lower-middle-class families via external help but then what happens to other sections of societies?

Dr. Suman has taken this noble profession to serve the upliftment of the underprivileged for the past seven years in Gurugram through her clinic and teleconsultations for the poor with a nominal fee of Rs 50. She regales genuine advice and consultation to domestic staff, drivers, maids, and many more.

Suman says, “Humanitarian service is an initiative to give back to society because these people get exploited by quacks in their slum belts with unnecessary medications, IV drips, steroids etc.” Suman is helping  people to overcome difficulties by her initiative to serve mankind by just charging Rs 100 for Covid related queries, consultation, medication, and counselling.

She says, “I come from a family of doctors and have seen my parents serving humanity and caring  for the medical needs of the poor at all times, this is what I also want to continue further.” But this is not it, she has done more than this.

In March 2020, when lockdown just started in India, Suman was trying to help people. She received a call from a gentleman for teleconsultation. It was from Pune. He shared with Suman that he was trying to hospitalise his sick old father but nothing worked out. He later shared that this is due to lockdown and the unavailability of ambulances.

Suman says, “Hearing about this incident made me emotional but also gave me an idea that I can help these people out. I used my social media to connect with good samaritans of Pune. Fortunately, I was able to help his father. He was admitted to the hospital and recovered fast. In return, they gave blessings to me, which inspired me to help more such  people.”

Later she helped a group of students from Jammu who got stuck in Gurugram unfortunately with no food, shelter since colleges and hostels were closed due to lockdown. Dr. Suman helped these  students to get back to their town safely. Another incident that Dr. Suman shared was of a father who lives in Bangalore. Dr Suman used to give him counselling as his son was stuck in Gurugram due to lockdown and also suffering from Covid.

Suman says, “I tried to answer his queries, counselling him twice a day, sharing motivating ideas with him since, at the beginning of the pandemic, Covid related death made people panic-stricken. They needed moral support. Mercifully his son recovered and emerged out strong from the illness. The family sent blessings.”

Suman is continuing her good deeds to serve humanity. We salute this shero!