Things to do during weekend with your family
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Things to do during weekend with your family

We know these are difficult times but we've prepared some interesting activities to try at home

Things to do during weekend with your family

We are almost nearing the one-week long curfew imposed by the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in order to curb the rapidly risisng Covid-19 cases in the Capital. Movement of non-essential personnel has been restricted and it feels like we've gone back to the same time last year when the country was put under a strict lockdown. 

And since it is our second time being asked to stay indoors to stay safe from the coronavirus infection, we are a little more experienced. However, it is still not easy to be restricted within the walls of one's home, especially when it's a tricky balance between work and house chores that one needs to strike.

We feel your struggle. So we've compiled a list of some basic and long-forgotten activities that you can do with the rest of the family on your off days, i.e. the weekend.


Our grandparents used to say, a family which eats together, stays together. We're only going to take this a little forward and suggest you convert your weekend night into a 'family meal might'. Let everyone cook at least one dish and enjoy it with your family. 

It's a movie night

Watch a movie together with your family and always try to watch a film with a social message. After that, discuss the message with your child, who in turn will learn a valuable lesson as well. You can also watch documentaries on various topics like animals and the environment.

Plan indoor games 

You can play indoor games like Ludo, Carrom, and Chess with your family members, especially children. Such games also tend to refresh your mind. Children also love to play these games with their parents and it is a great idea to interact with your family members.

Engage in a family competition

Kids always love to play with crayons and colours and when you get involved in these activities with your kids, it encourages their self-esteem and competence.