Wow Moms: I am at my best in my angelic mother’s company
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Wow Moms: I am at my best in my angelic mother’s company

She did everything that a mother does and I often find my words with her guiding light

Wow Moms: I am at my best in my angelic mother’s company

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on May 9. We are just few days away from the grand celebration. On the occasion, I am trying to gather my memories with my mother. I would not say that she is the best as I believe that every mother does best for her children. But she is my angel and of course that would be the same for others as well. She did everything that a mother does and I often find my words with her guiding light.

They say mothers are the best teachers. It also suits to me aptly. People close to me often say that there is a great influence of her on me. Her words get stuck with me and impacts my psychological set up. Apparently, I behave in the shadow of her. The small things that she taught me as a kid had a lasting impact on my behaviour. People even say that I am the happiest and my face beams with joy when she is around.

My mother is a housewife. She lived a very simple life raising me and my brother and looking after the entire family. I grew in a joint family with my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle, and aunts. She was elder daughter-in-law of the family and would take responsibility of the family. She would get up early and cook for us. The mundane daily routine wouldn’t deter her. She would do it everyday.

She used to cook a sumptuous meal for me very early in the morning as I prepared to leave for school. The plate would be full with at least 4-5 items. And, it continued until I passed out from school. Throughout the whole decade, her routine was the same. Not only she cooked the food, she would also feed me with her own hands. I would be reluctant to finish the plate and she would not let me do it. She would ensure that everything goes into my stomach. I remember, she fed me with her own hands till I was in Ninth standard.

From very early in my life, my mother used to help me in doing my home works. It was a daily routine and she never missed to polish my shoes for school the next morning. She would iron my clothes in the daytime and I can very well say that I never wore dirty clothes to school. Of course, she would not be the only who would do this everyday. But she would make sure that I get the best.

She would be very happy before the summer vacation as we used to go to Nanaji’s place for at least a month’s time. She would be a little different there. She would be relaxed and laugh a little more. She would rather be at ease. But when she returned to our home, she would again start getting into her daily routine. In the meantime, over the years that I grew, I never saw her losing her smile. She would be very much in control of herself.

Her smile gave us assurance and life continued. She would also be strict with us. I remember she had once slapped me when I was in the tenth standard. I was a little wayward in my teen age and she stood like a rock behind me. I was careless and not very studious. For her, my study was her topmost priority. She would get up at 5 am in the morning to wake me up and send me for tuition classes. That also happened regularly on dark cold mornings.

I remember once I came back home and sought her permission to let me allow to go a movie. My exams were near. She didn’t want me to go movie. But I kept on insisting on her and at last said that I have also bought the tickets. To that, she replied, then what is the need of informing me, you could have seen the movie without asking. She was that strict. Now, I realise that she shaped me in every way possible.

She envisioned a life for me very early and it worked that way. As the years passed and I started staying away from her, I realised how much influence she had on me. She also visits me now and whenever she is here, she gets into the kitchen and make my favourite parantha and sabji. While I eat it, I remember all those childhood days. It comes back in a flash. Whenever she is around, her life again starts to revolve around me. I feel so blessed in her company. So many years have passed. She is yet the same. Though I feel little sad that I don’t live with her anymore, I make sure that I talk to her about everything that happens in my life everyday. And while I talk with her, I must say that I am in my best elements. She is my identity.

Happy Mother’s Day! (In advance)