#BachpanKiYaadein: All those candies we loved
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#BachpanKiYaadein: All those candies we loved

Melody was like the Trimax Gold of the toffee world

#BachpanKiYaadein: All those candies we loved

These candies made our life a bit sweeter and for us "ye candies thodi hai, ye toh saccha pyaar hai". 

Here is a list of all the candies that we so dearly love!

Kaccha Mango Bite

Aaaah, part of the elite gang. Kaccha mango bite is the only candy that gives real competition to Pulse. If you don’t like it, there’s something very wrong with you.

Paan toffee

"Ye candy thodi hai, ye paan toffee toh saste nashe hain". You eat one, you eat all. Rules are rules.

Bomb Blast

If Pulse makes you look sideways, Bomb Blast isn’t for you 

Butter toffee

Remember butter toffee? It literally melts in your mouth. Kabhi khud  se nahi khareede, always got it as a gift during festivals.


Beheti hawa si thi woh, kahan gayi usey dhundo! Can we have a petition to bring this back? I don’t even remember Alpenlibe ka taste but I know it made me happy. #GoneButNotForgotten


Melody was like the Trimax Gold of the toffee world. Elite tier. Still don’t know why it’s so chocolaty but don’t care, we just love it.

Coffee Bite

Melody ke liye chahe pyar kam hogya ho after all these years, but not for coffee bite. No sir, never. The company has continously changed the toffee's wrapper over the years but our love for the candy hasn't died, not once.


From distributing it in school on your birthday to accepting it as the official currency of India, Eclairs is another high. But two rupees wali Eclairs Gold hit different.

Believe it or not, but deciding which one to buy out of meagre change is still the toughest one.