Kindness in return of kindness
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Kindness in return of kindness

My landlord said Covid-19 is an infectious disease and forced us to migrate

Kindness in return of kindness

New Delhi: In the last year, many labourers migrated from Delhi to their respective hometowns. Some were forced while some left due to the shut down of work with no earnings. It wasn't easy for them to migrate as there was hindrance in transportation due to lockdown.

Tarachand Ojha, a resident of Karol Bagh, labour by profession, was forced by his landlords to leave Delhi. Tara said, "My landlord said that Covid-19 is an infectious disease. They forced us to migrate, I never wanted to go but I had no option, so I went to the railway station to book tickets for me and my family."

Later, Tara was not able to get reserved seats. He came back again another day for cancellation of the tickets, where he met Preety Kimmy, a social worker who was helping people out during the lockdown. Preety helped Tara by booking tickets on the bus for him and his family so that they can go to their home town Patna.

After one year, Preety got a call from Tara, where he asked Preety that he wanted to help them by doing social services. Tara said, "I spoke to Preety after I returned to Delhi with my family, I told her that I cannot help them financially but physically I can work for them to help others."

Now, Tara works with Preety as a volunteer. Preety said, "We don't have many volunteers for the free distribution of food to Covid family, when Tara asked us for volunteering, we immediately assigned him the work of food distribution."

She also added that Tara has never complained to them about anything till now. He has travelled to almost every place in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon for food distribution and for distributing ration kits.

Tara said, "It is the time when people need to support each other and not turn their backs on each other. My landlord restricted me to go out due to covid but if people will not help other people then who will?"