Easy yoga poses to practice while being at home
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Easy yoga poses to practice while being at home

While the gym is a new concept but performing different types of yoga asanas is an age-old concept

Easy yoga poses to practice while being at home

New Delhi: As the COVID-19 second wave takes a toll on our wellbeing, exercise is one of the ways to not only boost immunity levels but also take care of our mental health.

An asana is a body posture that is performed to benefit the health and mind. The term has been derived from a Sanskrit term that means ‘posture’ or ‘pose’. While the gym is a new concept but performing different types of yoga asanas is an age-old concept.

While often people feel that asanas do not involve intense cardio and weights, studies prove that asanas can help one in losing weight, stabilise period cramps, shoot up the health of the heart and digestion. Asanas can even be performed at home without any instruments.

Let's know some easy yoga exercise by Neeru Dhahiya (Mrs. wellness and yoga instructor).

1. Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose

It is one of the basic asanas that opens up the hips. As the asana stretches the hips, arms, thighs and back, it helps in muscle relaxation.

Tip: One needs to slide the knees together then the right leg should be over the left leg with the right foot going under the left buttock.

2.Shirsasana or Headstand

Shirsasana aka “the king of the asanas” is one of the most difficult asanas but has remarkable benefits. It improves blood circulation, gives strength to the respiratory system, improves concentration and memory. The asana involves the brain, spine and entire nervous system. It stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands. The upside-down pose helps to ease constipation and relieves nervous disorders and anxiety.

Tip: Take the support of a wall, to begin with. Keep the spine straight with your head down and feet up. Use your hands to support  yourself.

3. Trikonasana or Triangle pose

Trikonasana cures indigestion and gives flexibility to groins, hamstrings, and hips. It stimulates the function of the kidney and is also important for removing fat from the waist and thighs. This asana  improves the balance and increases concentration.

Tip: To experience the sturdiness of the foundation of the pose, practice with the outside edge of your back leg heel against a wall. Even though the torso is extending over one leg, the weight should be distributed evenly on both legs. The wall helps you to maintain your awareness in the back leg.

4. Sukhasana or Easy Pose

This is an amazing one for beginners as it gives one the desired comfort. The asana is beyond the horizons of the physical dimension and gives a spiritual bliss. Sukhasana is best to reduce anxiety, stress and mental tiredness. It corrects the body posture and stretches the chest and spine.

Tip: Sit with the legs tucked inside the opposite thighs and the spine should be vertically straight. The hands should be placed on the knees and breathe in and out gently.

5. Vrksasana or Tree Pose

The tree yoga pose may seem as another easy posture but it is not a resting asana. Your back should be aligned properly (extended), your hips should be at one level, and since your stability depends on the distribution of your weight on your standing leg ensure you do while maintaining and improving your balance.

Tips: Stand tall and straight with arms by the side of your body. Bend your right knee and place the right foot high up on your left thigh. The sole of the foot should be placed flat and firmly near the  root of the thigh.

Make sure that your left leg is straight. Find your balance.

Stay healthy and stay fit!