Businesses hit as Delhi govt puts more restrictions on weddings
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Businesses hit as Delhi govt puts more restrictions on weddings

Delhi government forced a total restriction on wedding functions in public places

Businesses hit as Delhi govt puts more restrictions on weddings

New Delhi: The pandemic has hit us again and everything comes to a halt because of increasing cases day by day. The condition becomes worse and the people are afraid. They don't want to go outside from home but it is impossible.

Amid all this, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi on Sunday forced a total  restriction on wedding functions at public spots as it broadened the Covid initiated lockdown in the public capital by one more week.

Given the new rules, the Delhi government said that ceremonies can be coordinated at home or a court however just 20 individuals will be permitted to take part, adding that the members would require a  marriage card for movement.

CitySpidey talked to band groups, catering group, decoration members, etc to know how it has impacted them.

The owner of Ravi Band group said, “The pandemic has hit us again and this time it's very hard to survive. Before 2020, we used to have lots of bookings and then covid came and ruined all the things. A few months back, the work came back on track and we literally saw a light in the darkroom but again, covid hit us and now it is very difficult to survive.”

“We were 35 members and now we are only seven. Some of the members left the group and migrated to their villages. After the 2020 lockdown, the people who booked us for their marriage are now wanting a refund. From where we give them a refund. I also have 4 mare and I also need  money to feed them,” he said.

Vijay Malik, owner of the Tarang Banquet shared, “After the pandemic, the 90 per cent work was finished and the situation is that the people also don't want to gather. In our Banquet, we have covered only four marriages and these are some urgent cases.”

“In this time period, all marriages have been postponed due to the horrifying condition. As we know the prices are at their peak and due to this nobody wants to give extra amount for small gatherings and then they postpone their wedding. Now the season is towards its end and it will come again in November,” Malik added.

Malik is also doing catering and on this, he said, “People who attend the wedding eat the food, nobody feels afraid as we take precautions and the people who are afraid, they automatically do not come to the wedding.”

We all know that the situation is very horrifying and it's time to keep safe at home. Please do not go outside from the house. Stay safe, stay home.