Seiko 5 Sports: Designed for the next gen
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Seiko 5 Sports: Designed for the next gen

Seiko 5 has its own relationship with the Moon

Seiko 5 Sports: Designed for the next gen

In 1881, Kintarō Hattori, the founder, opened a watch and jewellery shop named ‘K. Hattori’ in Tokyo’s famous Ginza district. He set up the business to buy, sell, and service clocks and pocket watches. After 11 years in 1892, Hattori decided to be a manufacturer and opened an unit to produce luxury wall clocks under the brand name of ‘Seikosha’, which in Japanese, roughly translates to ‘house of exquisite workmanship.’ This was the foundation on which Hattori later built his business dealing with timepieces. 

Today, Seiko produces watches with quartz, kinetic, solar, automatic and mechanical movements of various styles and prices. The company has created several different brands within Seiko, Astron, Prospex, Presage, Seiko Premier, and the most popular range, the Seiko 5 Sports.

The first ever Seiko 5 watch, Seiko Sportmatic 5, was born in 1963. It was Seiko’s and Japan’s first ever automatic day-date watch. The Seiko 5 Sports was created for the ever-growing number of men and women who wanted a watch they could trust as they played sports. Today, Seiko 5 is Seiko’s introductory line of automatic watches that are very robust in design and provide decent water resistance. It is also Seiko's oldest and longest continually used sub-brand “5”. 

The “5’’ in the brand represents the promise that every watch would have five key attributes: an automatic movement, a day-date display at the three o’clock position, good water resistance, a recessed crown at the four o’clock position, and a case and bracelet built for durability. In combination with a mainspring and shock-resistance system, these features gave Seiko 5 its distinctive appearance, strength and cult-like following. 

NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz wore his personal Seiko 5 during the Apollo 11 and 13 missions and also later in his life. William Pogue, a NASA astronaut, boarded the Saturn IB rocket with a personal watch, Caliber 6139 Seiko 5 Speed-Timer that was the world's first automatic chronograph, in the pocket of his space suit.

In addition to the fundamental values, Seiko 5 gives a strengthened crystal and lantern-like luminous hands and hour markers, therein lies the real beauty of the Seiko 5. This is reflected in the name “Seiko,” which can be either of two Japanese words “exquisite,” or “success”. 

For nearly 60 years now, Seiko 5 has delivered consistently various models confirming to high levels of reliability, durability, performance and value that have endeared it to the lovers of mechanical watches worldwide. It’s a flawlessly performing timepiece with a mechanical manufacturing movement, made by a company whose president & CEO is directly descended from the founder, and the watch will run practically forever with little or no maintenance. 

Seiko can boast that it offers more with the Seiko 5 range that some watches 100 times more expensive than Seiko 5 cannot offer. Seiko 5 is an established brand in the affordable segment of wrist watches as a GADA ‘’go-anywhere-do-anything’’ watch that offers a unique look and extraordinary value. It also enjoys a status as a watch for daily wear that can withstand abuse of mundane chores and is called a “beater”. 

In particular, this collection has become synonymous among younger watch lovers with the many designs that have a variety of dials in vivid colours and designs. It comes in dozens of styles, from dress to diver and everything in between at a very attractive price point so that one can afford to have multiple “beaters.”

The bracelet choices on the new Seiko 5 Sports collection also have an oyster style bracelet, mesh, nylon, and silicone/leather combination. Last year, Seiko 5 Sports announced a collection designed in collaboration with Street Fighter V, a world-famous Player vs Player fighting game. The collection features six models inspired by the game's central characters well-liked throughout the series. 

Welcome to the new Seiko 5 Sports, a collection with all the same classic values but with a fresh new look at SEIKO BOUTIQUE at DLF Mall of India NOIDA.