From Shadi Ka Khayal to Cheeni Kum, Bollywood songs inspired by tea
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From Shadi Ka Khayal to Cheeni Kum, Bollywood songs inspired by tea

When Bollywood songs are centered around tea, we get the best of both worlds

From Shadi Ka Khayal to Cheeni Kum, Bollywood songs inspired by tea

New Delhi: Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It has lots of health benefits and can wake you up more gently than coffee. We all know how Bollywood since 70's curating some music for our ‘chai lovers’ for such a long time now. As the weather is so amazing today, let's look into some old to new song on ‘chai’ from Bollywood.

Chai and music are so deeply interconnected, that they could be siblings, coming together to provide you with a holistic cleansing experience that’s nothing like anything you may or may not have felt before.

Bollywood songs already have us attached to the extremest levels of fandom that there are, with our favourite stars with amazing dance moves. But what happens when Bollywood songs are centered around Tea? We get the best of both worlds, we’d say!

Let's look into Bollywood songs on chai:

1. Ek Ek Ek, Ek Chai Ki Pyaali (Zamaana Badal Gaya - 1961)

The song was sung by Mohammed Rafi in the movie Zamana Badal Gaya (1961). Ek Chai Pyali soundtrack was composed by Iqbal Qureshi with lyrics written by HA Rahbar.

2. Shayad Meri Shadi Ka Khayal (Souten - 1983)

I remember singing this song alot in my childhood times. The song was sung by Kishore Kumar and  Lata Mangeshkar. Souten had an amazing cast that icluded Rajesh Khanna, Tina Munim and Padmini Kohlapure. The soundtrack was composed by Usha Khanna with lyrics written by Sawaan Kumar and Pradeep Kaushik.

3. Jaago Jaago Subha Hogayi - (Ghoonghat - 1997)
Jago Jago Subah Ho Gayi is an amazing morning wake up song from the 1996 movie Ghoonghat. The song was sung by Aditya Narayan Jha,  Arun Ahuja, Meena, Mou Mukherjee (Jojo) and Nilesh. It was composed by Anand  Raj Anand and lyrics was written by Vicky Kumar.

4. Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali - (Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega - 2000)

Whenever I think about chai, the only song that comes in my mind is from the movie Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega. It was composed, sung and directed by Anu Malik. The lyrics was written by Sameer.

5. Cheeni Kum Hai Cheeni Kum (Cheeni Kum - 2007)

Cheeni Kum is a Hindi song from the 2007 movie Cheeni Kum. It was sung by Shreya Ghoshal and composed by Ilaiyaraaja with lyrics written by Manoj Tapadia and Sameer.

How decade after decade songs changed and gave us an amazing music list to enjoy. However, don’t stop and make your favourite tea on this International Tea Day (May 21) and enjoy the day. Let us know more songs on chai.

We wish you a Happy International Tea Day in advance!!