Indian web series you can enjoy watching on YouTube
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Indian web series you can enjoy watching on YouTube

Here are some amazing, engrossing, and diverse web series available on YouTube for free

Indian web series you can enjoy watching on YouTube

If you've already binged through streaming sites over the weekend, or even the week (who even knows the difference anymore?), or have been kicked off your friends' subscription plan with a password change, then worry not.

Here are some amazing, engrossing, and diverse web series available on YouTube for free:


There are only two kinds of flatmates you remember for life -- the best ones, and the worst ones. And 'Adulting' is a story of the best ones. Easily one of the most relatable shows, when it comes to friendships and adulting failures.Two seasons are there to give it a watch.

Minus One

What happens when your ex happens to be your flatmate? 'Minus One' has an answer, sort of! If romedies are your jam, then this is worth a watch.

Man's World

An edgy, hilarious commentary on gender inequality that raises the question of how would society look like if women became the 'superior sex'.

Happily Ever After

What goes behind planning the big, fat Indian wedding? If 'Happily Ever After' is to be believed, it includes alcohol, chaos, and a test of romance.

Girl in the City

Whether it's been one year or ten, the idea of navigating a new city and charting your own path always brings a mixture of nervousness and excitement. And that's exactly the feeling that 'Girl in the City' encapsulates.

What The Folks?

When two people get married, it's not just about adjusting with each other. It's also about adjusting with each other's family. And that's the journey Nikhil and Anita undertake across three seasons of misadventures.

Please Find Attached

This mini 2 season series is just a tale of sweet nothings shared between two colleagues who share a beautiful bond. With the entire story getting wrapped up in three episodes with a run time of 20-minutes each, this is just the kind of content that makes us stick to YouTube over everything else.

Home Sweet Office

This 5-episode series centers around two sisters who operate a wedding videography business. The show is easily watchable and is just the  kind of content that you would casually watch on YouTube.


Set inside a corporate office, 'Cubicles' is the story of a fresher at work. The first job, first salary, first love and many more firsts confront the lead character as he tries to adult while being surrounded by friends and some interesting colleagues. 'Cubicles' has five episodes.


This 10-episode series features conversations between the two lead characters. The structure of the series is quite similar to the film 'Before Sunrise', not really in terms of the plot but the way their conversation flows. The show is quite binge-worthy as the characters and the conversations are quite engaging.

Youtube and chill!!! And tell us your favourite series in the comment section.