5 Books For Kids By Ruskin Bond
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5 Books For Kids By Ruskin Bond

Bond’s writings capture the relationship between nature and humans

5 Books For Kids By Ruskin Bond

Eighty seven-year-old Ruskin Bond, the author of 500 short stories and 200 books is an Indian writer of British descent. He writes in multiple genres and is best known for his short stories for children. 

Bond’s writings are characterised by their lucidity and simplicity. The stories he wrote for children are mostly written in the first person. They mostly capture the everyday lives of common people and the relationship between nature and humans. 

If your parents wanted to inculcate the habit of reading into you or you were an avid reader in your childhood there’s no way you did not have a Ruskin Bond collection on your bookshelf. 

Here are some nostalgic books by Bond that your kids would love to read:

Crazy Times With Uncle Ken

Uncle Ken will always remind you of that eccentric family relative. Uncle Ken's silliness, his stuffiness and his good intentions are both endearing and exasperating. It’s a heart-warming light read that one can enjoy and feel nostalgic. 

A Handful of Nuts

It’s a classic story set in the backdrop of Dehradun in a small town in India, the story is about being adventurous and young while chasing one’s dreams.

The Blue Umbrella

This is the story of a ten-year-old mountain girl, Binya and a blue umbrella that takes her on a journey filled with adventures and life lessons, from fighting a snake with it to realising that people matter more than the materialistic things, the blue umbrella makes her encounter varied experiences. 

The Day Grandfather Tickled a Tiger

This sweet story succinctly tells of the pros and cons of exotic pets while showing how animals respond to love and authority.

The Room On The Roof

This moving story of love and friendship was written by Bond when he was just 17 years old.

In an interview, Ruskin Bond said, “I like to tell a good story. I like to entertain young readers. In fact, I enjoy the very process of writing, putting words together, and writing interesting sentences. I have been trying to write better and hold the interest of readers over the years, three generations of them, in fact.”

Gift your children these books and share the feeling of having Bond as your favourite author with them.