Catch glimpses of online exhibition showcasing fight amid second wave
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Catch glimpses of online exhibition showcasing fight amid second wave

A compilation of photojournalists' entries

Catch glimpses of online exhibition showcasing fight amid second wave

New Delhi: The Press Club of India ran an online exhibition of photographs capturing the pulse of city amid the devastating second wave of coronavirus. A total of 31 photo journalists submitted their photographs between May 3 and June 2.

The photographs showcased the plight of people including the infected patients, frontline warriors, crematoriums, exodus of migrant labourers, hospital scenes, struggles of medical fraternity, empty roads etc.

CitySpidey compiled the entries of photo journalists. Take a look below:

Day 1:

Amarjeet K Singh captured the endless cycles of tragedy which was repeated every day in Delhi.

Day 2:

Amal K Sudheer brought to the fore the scramble for hospital beds and the sights from the crematorium.

Day 3:

Hemant Rawat showed the people's struggles to get oxygen cylinders as they battled deadly virus.

Day 4:

Praveen Jain highlighted the helplessness of people as they were struggling to get basic facilities.

Day 5:

Anindito Mukherjee showed the limitations of the crematoriums as there were many dead bodies.


Day 6:

J Suresh captured a critically-ill patient who died at the LNJP Hospital.

Day 7:

Sanjeev Rastogi took photographs of covid centre, grieving family member, desolate stretch near ITO and under-construction crematorium.

Day 8:

Raj K Raj showed the miseries of people as th situation worsened in the national capital.

Day 9:

Wasim Sarvar highlighted the grief of people as the city battled with pandemic.

Day 10:

Sabu Scaria showed the scramble for beds, oxygen cylinders and deaths.

Day 11:

Piyal Bhattacharjee showed a devastated relative watching cremation.

Day 12:

Sajjad Hussain highlighted the high number of deaths in the national capital.

Day 13:

Naveen Sharma captured the struggles of medical fraternity against the situation.

Day 14:

Manvender Vashist Lav captured the many faces of struggles in the city.

Day 15:

Tashi Tobgyal showed fight of people for survival during the pandemic.

Day 16:

Shrikant Singh highlighted the plight of under-privileged, elderly and women.

Day 17:

John Matthew turned his camera to the silence of crematoriums.

Day 18:

Amit captured the people struggling for survival.

Day 19:

Ajit Krishna showed a young kid fighting for breath.

Day 20:

Ishan Tankha turned his camera towards people who were worried and devastated.

Day 21:

PG Unnikrishnan brought to the fore the images of lockdown in Delhi.

Day 22:

Altaf Qadri showed the suffering of people.

Day 23:
Prem Singh captured life coming to a standstill in the national capital.

Day 24:

Vipin Kumar highlighted the struggles for survival.

Day 25:

Vipin Sharma showed the fight of frontline workers.

Day 26:

Pushkar Vyas captured the empty temples, churches and mosques.

Day 27:

Rajat chronicled the lives in the national capital.

Day 28:

Gireesh GV showed the fight of medical fraternity against the virus.

Day 29:

Pattom Rahul showed people's spirit during the pandemic.

Day 30:

Arun Sharma highlighted the trauma of a physically-challenged girl.