Why post Covid recovery is important


Why post Covid recovery is important

If you have recovered from Covid, then go slow and set small goals

Why post Covid recovery is important

New Delhi: People who have recovered from Covid may find it difficult to go back to doing daily activities. It is important for them to not to rush any kind of fitness routine as putting that much strain on your body just after recovering from Covid might take a toll on your health. If you have  recovered from Covid, then set small goals like walking for small distances.

Dr Pradeish, an MBBS graduate from Chennai, working as a duty medical official said, “As someone recovers from Covid, he/she is advised not to exert unnecessary pressure on themselves for at least a month or so to prevent any worsening of health. By this, we advise them not to do anything that makes them pant or gasp for breath.”

As per the doctor, Covid is also more of a vascular disease besides affecting the respiratory tract, hence it also affects your heart, blood vessels and other organs as well.

Even for an individual, who is athletic, hits the gym or is in sports and still manages to catch breath without any difficulty, it is important to take it slow post Covid recovery as the lungs need their time to heal. A sudden Cardiopulmonary arrest could be the worst case scenario if you fail to give time to your body after Covid.

Hence, remember to take baby steps as you proceed to the next level in getting back to routine. This ideally would take between weeks to months, depending upon the severity of infection; your body’s recovery rate and your existing health condition. So, on your road to recovery, don’t forget to involve your treating physician because they are the best person to assess you and help you get back to the routine at the earliest safely.

Dr Mudassar Amin, an MBBS said, “Heavy exercise is a trending cause of complications in post-Covid recovered people. We should not do heavy exercise at all because that will cause more overload on the lungs and it will eventually collapse the lung and respiratory system. We have understood the nature of Covid-19 which directly affects the lungs and vessels and that causes respiratory problems.

The doctors suggested post-Covid precautions, they are as follows:

*Rest: A good rest means fast recovery in any disease. That's the basic rule to be followed by patients who have recovered from lung and vascular diseases. Post Covid-19, recovered people should rest as much as required.

*Good diet: As Covid-19 affects the blood vessels, which impairs the  nutrition and oxygen transport in our body, the body receives a lesser amount of nutrition. Post Covid, high protein diet plays a huge role in improving the state of the body. It could increase the body strength as patients will be taking medicines post-discharge from the hospital.

*Light exercise: Covid recovered patients are allowed to exercise, however the exercises must not put a lot of strain on the body and that should be followed strictly. Walking 5-10 minutes is fine but if you experience even mild breathlessness, it needs to be stopped immediately.

*Hydration: Covid recovered people should keep themselves hydrated.

*Live a less stressful life: Covid causes immense stress to the person during the disease. So, during the hospital stay, it causes hospital  psychosis to multiple patients who had a longer stay in the hospital. They must work towards living a happy and less stressful life.

Things to be avoided strictly:

Heavy exercises

It is advisable not to start exercising unless your weakness is not completely gone. It can take months depending on the person.