Yoga, a laughing matter
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Yoga, a laughing matter

Meet the man who got India’s name charted in the Guinness book of world record

Yoga, a laughing matter

On the occasion of 7th International Yoga Day Dr Harish Rawat, founder of 'Lots Of Laughter Yoga' foundation organised an online event on Facebook with support of the Ministry of Ayush and Yoga Ministry of Canada.

It was a full day event that included yoga common protocol sessions by Dr. Mamta Gaura, Anu Kapoor and Vijay Kumar. The event started at 8 am. There was a yoga dance performance by Himanshi at 7 pm followed by laughter yoga by Dr. Harish Rawat.

Dr. Harish Rawat is a certified laughter yoga coach, who loves to bring joy and peace into people’s lives, so that people can lead a stress-free, healthy and happy lifestyle. Rawat has successfully managed to put India’s name on the global map, by creating a world record for having clocked in the longest number of hours while performing laughter yoga.

He said, “I was able to break the earlier record which was about 24 hours, and create an unprecedented history by doing a straight 36 hours and 2 minutes of Laughter Yoga. If I may say so, that in itself it was a mammoth task that involved huge planning, practice and strategies." 

On the professional front, Rawat expertises in clinical data management and has been working with a multinational company in Noida for over 12 years now. He resides in Ghaziabad along with his wife, Dr. Reena Rawat and his son Rudra.

Rawat shared that during his corporate journey, he realised how even highly talented and skilled people cannot perform well, if they are emotionally imbalanced and stressed out.

Usually, in high pressure work environments, the stress levels are found to be detrimental, thereby leading to various physical and mental ailments and even causing huge losses to the companies’ due to productive hours lost in employee-related issues such as absenteeism and attrition.

Rawat said that he was saddened to see that due to our hectic and unhealthy lifestyle, most of us have even forgotten to have a hearty laugh. It was then that he decided to find some solution to help alleviate these stresses and tensions levels and get back joy in people’s lives. 

Rawat uses scientific techniques like laughter dance therapy, gibberish (art of non-sense) therapy; laughter music therapy, breathing exercise, laughter storytelling and animal laughter. He has successfully conducted 'LOL' yoga workshops across hundreds of corporates, institutes, government agencies, NGO’s, societies and schools, benefiting more than 60,000+ people. He has worked with 50+ NGOs working in Delhi and NCR and 5 slum areas. Stating a few benefits of laughter yoga, Rawat said that it’s a mood enhancer and a stress-buster.

Rawat has won many feathers to his cap by achieving Tata Volunteer Champion Award, Ambassador of Change Award, Society Development Award 2019, and bringing name and fame to India he also became a Guinness World Record Holder and has been recognised by Limca Book of Records as well.