Only half the garbage shelters in Mayur Vihar I Ext are operational. Why?

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: Praveen Dwivedi
Posted: Aug 26, 2016

Residents of Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Extension are fed up with the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). Their repeated requests to remove garbage dumped in their locality have fallen on deaf ears. Residents are forced to live in an atmosphere filled with stench. 

Residents told City Spidey that garbage has become a common sight in the area.

Sanjeev Tuteja, secretary of Kirti Apartments Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS), said that every time residents approached area councillor Nikki Singh or EDMC mayor Satya Sharma, they were told that the garbage could not be removed due to lack of manpower and equipment. He added, “We need to hold a joint meeting where representatives of all housing societies come together to raise the issue.”

Purusottam Das Bhatt, president of United India Apartments CGHS, told City Spidey that there were four garbage dumping shelters that catered to the area. He alleged that two of the garbage shelters were shut down by EDMC. “I can't understand why these two garbage shelters are shut. The garbage of the entire neighbourhood is being dumped in the other two garbage shelters, which is clearly insufficient,” Das Bhatt fumed.

When City Spidey approached area councillor Nikki Singh, she said, “I have limited number of cleaning staff and dumpers. I have only five vehicles to remove garbage from more than 250 garbage shelters in my jurisdiction.”

When asked why two garbage shelters were not operational, she refused to comment, saying that such decisions were taken by EDMC’s higher authority.  


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