Post Covid physical activities: Fatal or normal?
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Post Covid physical activities: Fatal or normal?

City doctor explains if one should return to exercise after recovering from Covid-19

Post Covid physical activities: Fatal or normal?

CitySpidey hosted a LIVE session with renowned (Dr) Col Anil Dhall, Professor & Head, Cardiology, Janakpuri Super Speciality Hospital. Dr Dhall has formerly served in many hospitals and is a Sena Medal recipient. 

The LIVE session answered whether one should return to exercise after recovering from Covid-19. (Dr) Col Dhall spoke about his broad experience in Covid care, especially in heart related complications in Covid patients. The doctor said that it was noticed that people who got affected and succumbed to coronavirus were those who were obese, hypertensive, diabetic, smokers, and people who were known to have heart disease or lung disease. 

The doctor talked about how novel coronavirus affects a person, and why certain people are more certain to succumb because of their vulnerable health status. With this, he also emphasised how people have started neglecting their routine check-ups, especially the ones who already had chest pain or heart disease because of the fear of coronavirus, and how this negligence accumulated the risk factors of getting a heart disease. He also talked about how corona affects the heart and even discussed angina and silent heart attacks. The doctor explained the symptoms that could be a sign of a heart disease and the importance of visiting a cardiologist in such cases. 

He shared a formula, "Uchit ahar, uchit vyavahar, uchit vichaar aur samay anusaar uchit upchaar toh shayad nahi padenge hum beemar." With this formula, he highlighted the importance of taking care and the right precautions so that one can avoid disease and untimely death.

(Dr) Col Dhall explained heart muscle thrombosis in corona recovered patients and even highlighted that corona is not a two-weeks disease, it is not limited to just lungs or oxygen. He said that no matter what efforts or precautions are being taken by doctors, researchers, government and organisations we need to understand that viruses have a tendency to mutate. One should not stop following the Covid appropriate behaviour or following the norms.

Talking about whether one should return to exercise after recovering from Covid-19, the doctor said that one should not vigorously exercise for at least 3 months post Covid recovery, but again should not stop doing the basic physical activities like walking and practicing breathing exercises.

He said, "Self discipline is the key." To know how one should take timely care, how the use of steroids affects the heart and other essential organs, and to know answers to more of such questions, watch the LIVE session on our Facebook page.