Polka dots: A timeless fashion staple
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Polka dots: A timeless fashion staple

Polka dot pattern trends more when summers and spring arrive

Polka dots: A timeless fashion staple

New Delhi: Polka Dots, one of the most popular patterns in the clothing, has been with us since ages. No one can deny the fact that this pattern has been reused in most of the fashion staples and we still aren’t bored of it.

Polka dot pattern trends more when summers and spring arrive. They stay in trend for almost two seasons but have you ever thought how this pattern came to be?

After the invention of the sewing machine in the 1700s, people were able to make proper round dots on the fabric. And yes it was a time when the industrial revolution was also taking place.

In the 1800s, the name “Polka” was given to these dots. But it was in the 1900s when polka dots gained popularity because the winner of Miss America wore a dotted swimsuit back then. And a few years later, we were introduced to “Minnie Mouse.”

Even in Indian cinema, actresses and actors, both donned the polka dots looks. Them wearing such clothes in their movies led to the entry of polka dots in the lives of common masses.

Here is the list of dotted clothes you can style in your everyday look:

Polka Dot Top

Dark colours like red, black and dark green polka dot tops can be paired with jeans but they will look even better with mustard-coloured skirts and high heels. Try to opt for long and ruffled sleeves whenever you buy polka dot tops.

Polka Dot Dupatta

Get funky and drop the idea of matching your clothes always. Try to spice up your traditional wear like plain kurta and plain lehenga with polka dot dupatta instead of choosing a net or chiffon one.

Polka Dot Saree

Polka dot saree is timeless. This saree is not at all heavy and gives out a better outlook than a heavy embroidered saree. With this particular saree, just look for the right bangles or bracelets to wear in your hands.

Polka Dot Midi Dress

More than a short dress, the polka dot pattern looks much more graceful in a full sleeve midi dress. Pair this dress with matching pumps (footwear with heels) and your look is complete. Make fishtail hairdo or keep straight hair for a more enhanced look.

Polka Dot Skirts (small and many dots)

Polka dot skirts with tiny and small dots clubbed up with plain white or black shirts are a perfect look when you want to just hang out. Wear gladiator sandals, as it will elevate the look.

Polka Dot Skirts (big and few dots)

With this particular skirt, wear a half sleeves short top. Try to make a braided hairstyle and attach a scarf with the braid. A ruffle handbag will complete this summary look.

Polka Dot Crop Top

Polka dot crop top with a jeans skirt is a totally chic look. Even this crop top can go with any long skirt as well. Sometimes these crop tops can be paired up with sarees.

Black and white polka dot crop with neon sarees is the go to look for young women whenever they are attending a wedding.

Polka Dot Tie

Men can style polka dot ties with a blazer to try out something new in their look. And yes do not only go for black and white dotted ties, try colours.

Do not go for vibrant colour polka dot print, choose pastel colour polka dots that match with the suit.

Polka Dot Coat

Move on and try out those colour polka dot coats.

Here is a simple but classy look for you – simple plain dress, polka dot coat, sling bag and the look is ready. Not only coats but polka dots print jackets can be worn in winters. Wear boots then to amp up the look.

Go people, try out and curate more styles with polka dots.