Inhospitable hospital
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Inhospitable hospital

Fortis hospital in sec 62, Noida, is surrounded on all sides by garbage dumps and open drains, creating unbearable conditions for neighbouring societies and patients.

Inhospitable hospital

Fortis hospital in Sector 62, Noida, stands like a spotless island in a sea of stinking garbage and open drains.

Residents of neighbouring apartments, patients of the hospital and their families are exasperated about the unhygienic conditions.

"We cover our noses while entering the hospital," says Shabana, a patient's mother.

City Spidey spoke to the Fortis PR Coordinator Jayashree regarding the matter.

"The garbage pile is not our responsibility as it is outside our premises. It is not even affecting the hospital in any way," was her reply.

RWA Secretary of the adjacent Mecon Apartment, PR Chandna met Noida Authority to discuss the problem.

Yogesh Tyagi, Health Inspector, Noida Authority, said "I am on leave till February 15. However, be rest assured that the garbage will be removed by 10 am, February 11."

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