Your home walls are a canvas, paint them thoughtfully
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Your home walls are a canvas, paint them thoughtfully

Choose colours that make you feel better when you return back home after a long day

Your home walls are a canvas, paint them thoughtfully

New Delhi: As the summers are at their peak right now, it’s time to look at the walls of your home and see if they are soothing to you. If not, think about changing the wall colour of your home.

“I am a firm and strong believer of the fact that there is an influence of colours in people, especially in their general well-being. For instance, when you walk into a room where there is a calming green colour on the walls, it feels like walking in nature. So the colour green helps in calming you down naturally, as it is the colour of nature. This is evident that the colours of your walls have an effect on you,” says Shivani Dogra, Interior Designer.

Choose the right colours that are refreshing and make you feel better when you return back home after a long tiring day.

Dogra explains the trends in the colours for your walls:

Some trending patterns for the walls are:

Traditional motifs like paisley leaves, flowers, or birds because they will make the wall look more natural.

Trending wall paints are:

  • Limewash
  • Lime plaster

Shades for the wall

Shades that are pastel or neutral on the scale of colours. These colours are calming and one can live with them for quite a long time.

“The same wall pattern comes in different price ranges. It can be both expensive and inexpensive. It depends on the preferences of people. The price of the pattern increases when they are patented, depending on the fabric used and the quality of printing. For example, when it is a block print, handwoven print, the price will be high,” said Dogra.

Why white and green?

Dogra added, “In India, many people prefer white, cream, and sometimes a calming green on their walls. These are the common wall shades that people ask for. Even my favourite is green. I cannot do without it and sometimes white. I need green in Delhi because it is a versatile colour. The lovely shades of green on the wall make me feel like I am working in nature. White goes with anything like pictures and other things in the house.”

While choosing the wall colours, determine the light in your house. Light plays a big role in terms of how a colour will turn out. Apart from this, the size of the room should also be seen.

Other wall trends

Apart from green and white, there are other options:

  • Bright Yellow Colour

This is the right time to go sunny. Yellow colours go well with white and cream. But choose only one wall to paint yellow. Draw the pattern of green leaves on it and voila, your wall is done.

  • Striped Pattern

If you want a very colourful wall, go for a striped pattern. And when you are choosing stripes, go for the rainbow print. Add a swing chair to this wall to beautify the look.

  • Geometric Pattern

Geometric patterns have been trending for the past many years. If you have the sense of colours, mix and match them perfectly in a nice geometric pattern. There are many geometric patterns and you can get something interesting done with your walls.

Your half of the work of home decor is done when you have the right paint on the walls.