Dilip Kumar aced fashion like a pro
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Dilip Kumar aced fashion like a pro

Dilip Kumar's characters in his films made him a fashion icon of Bollywood

Dilip Kumar aced fashion like a pro

Dilip Kumar, the legendary actor of Indian cinema was one of the first few stars of India. On Wednesday, July 7, the actor departed for heavenly abode. Known as 'Tragedy King of the Bollywood', Kumar had done more than 100 films and had entertained us from his acting for six decades.

There were no stylists when Kumar used to work in the films but he became a trendsetter through his charming personality and heart-warming smile. His characters in the films made him a fashion icon of Bollywood.

Today while remembering him we have created the lookbook of his style.

Scarf over the neck

In 1955, Dilip Kumar played the character of Devdas and introduced the fashion of a scarf wrapped around the neck to Indian men. This character was of a man who was an alcoholic. Since then, the style turned out to be the fashion trend. Many actors started carrying this look in their films through the decade.

Kurta and sleeveless jacket

After two years, Dilip Kumar's Naya Daur came in 1957 and he wore the scarf again. The knot of the scarf was on the side this time.

Apart from this, he wore a kurta with a sleeveless jacket and locket on the neck. This was a big contribution to fashion in India.

Royal look

Who can forget the Mughal-e-Azam movie which was released in 1960? We cannot even imagine another person who would have looked more perfect than Dilip Kumar as Prince Saleem.

His look was full of heavy jewels, pearls, and layered Mughal kurtas and he donned the look flawlessly.

Almost looked like a real Prince Saleem.

Long kurta

In the movie Sagina, 1974, Kumar blended Indian attire with the western one. He wore long-check kurtas, cummerbund, and scarves, and later in the 1990s, this look made a comeback.

Sweater atop shirt

We are mistaken if we think that 'sweater atop shirt' style came in the 2000s.

This was Dilip Kumar's style. He used to carry this when he was young. Directors of that time got impressed with his look and started making him wear this look in their films as well.

Black coat

Dilip Kumar looks from the movies Ram Aur Shyam, 1967, were mostly western outfits. The looks included shirts, pants, blazer, and sometimes kurta-pyjamas. These outfits were totally simple and were able to connect with the common people as well.

White blazer and striped tie

Dilip Kumar was a king of pants and blazers. In the black and white era, he nailed suits of patterns like stripes, checked and solid colours.

Not only Dilip Kumar's characters in the movies but his fashion sense made him a star too.