Power outage in Delhi Metro leads to long delays
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Power outage in Delhi Metro leads to long delays

Snag causes 20 min delays on Delhi Metro’s Blue Line during peak hours

Power outage in Delhi Metro leads to long delays

New Delhi: Delhi Metro Rail services were disrupted for 20 minutes during peak hours on Friday morning owing to a major breakdown in power supply, causing a commotion among passengers travelling via the Blue line's Vaishali Metro station.

The DMRC took to Twitter to inform commuters about the delay: “Blue Line Update: Delay in service between Dwarka Sector 21 to Rajendra place." 

Most commuters were stranded outside and inside the Metro stations as they desperately waited for trains though there were constant announcements about the delay and the cause for it.

Radhika Madan, a commuter on the same line said, “It took me more than one hour to reach Ramesh Nagar from Vaishali. The train was moving like a cycle rickshaw. Besides, the train stopped at stations for a longer duration. I was delayed by over an hour for my classes.”

Photo Credit: Sakshi Tickoo

Another commuter from the blue line, Sandhya Gupta, said, “These days, I get late for my office because of long queues and Metro delays.”

Nikhil Giri, DMRC spokesperson, said, “As a majority of the trains were taken off services in the morning due to power failure, the frequency dropped to an all-time low of 20 minutes on a few corridors.”

He said that there was “no technical sang” and passengers were updated through social media.